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Greek Island Astrology in Action

With Joanna Watters

Astrology in Action is designed for intermediate students.Have you been studying astrology for a while, either consistently or on and off?Have you reached the stage of looking at a horoscope, and glazing over?

You are not alone. This is what happens to every student when studying this ancient, fascinating but often mystifying craft.

This course will help you make the leap from seeing a jumble of hieroglyphics to learning the skill of creating a meaningful framework of character and destiny.

Course content

This is another hands on course, using example horoscopes from Joanna’s own practice and from the world of celebrities.It also includes work on your own charts.You’ll learn how:

  • To “Locate Significance” – how to organise the most important features of any chart
  • Timing Measures – transits and progressions – these can bring any chart to life and reveal what’s what and who’s who
  • To combine these timing measures with lunations – New and Full Moons and Eclipses – so that you can make accurate predictions
  • To use the important Turning Points of planets switching from retrograde to direct in your predictive work

It’s the perfect course to reignite your deep interest in astrology and hone your craft.

Full details on Joanna’s website