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Introduction to Astrology Course with Patricia Godden

Session 4: Aspects

Do you have an interest in astrology but thought it would be too technical?

Patricia Godden will be hosting an Introduction to Astrology Course designed with the beginner in mind.

The course is held over six sessions and you will learn the building blocks of astrology, plus you’ll receive a PDF of all the course notes, and recordings of each session, which is all included in the price. Find out more and book your place!

Session 4: The aspects are the angular interactions between the planets. They indicate how the energies of the planets affect each other.

Patricia Godden BSc PhD dipWESA FAPAI is a professional astrologer who gained a diploma from the White Eagle School of Astrology (WESA) in 2007. She teaches astrology and has written two books: Housing Your Planets: everyday interpretations and spiritual perspectives and Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality. Patricia has a particular interest in spiritual astrology and the purpose of the soul. She lives in Hampshire.  

Website: www.patriciagodden.com