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Hamblin Centre: Mars: A talk by Patricia Godden

Mars is the planet associated with desire and the urge to get something done. Its position in a horoscope indicates where and how we direct our energy. This can be in physical activities but also mental activities or pursuing an aspiration.  A selection of horoscopes will illustrate the many ways that Mars can manifest in individuals’ lives.

This talk by Patricia Godden is for the Hamblin Trust, and costs £5.00 – click on the link to book.

Patricia Godden BSc PhD dipWESA FAPAI is a professional astrologer who gained a diploma from the White Eagle School of Astrology (WESA) in 2007. She teaches astrology and has written two books: Housing Your Planets: everyday interpretations and spiritual perspectives and Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality. Patricia has a particular interest in spiritual astrology and the purpose of the soul. She lives in Hampshire.  

Website: www.patriciagodden.com