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How Archetypal Astrology Works

An Experiential Approach to Churchill’s Chart

A Virtual Talk with Phoebe Wyss

After introducing the cosmological model on which her top-down method of chart interpretation is based, Phoebe will demonstrate it experientially by exploring the chart of Winston Churchill. When he took control of the country in 1940 it stood alone and unprepared in the face of a Nazi invasion. Against great odds he managed to successfully lead it through the perilous war years, proving the truth of the saying, ‘Cometh the moment, cometh the man’. Today he’s honoured as the greatest statesman of the 20th century but is this title justified? Astrology can lift the veil and reveal what lay behind the public facade, delving into the taboo areas of his biography, while also defining his traits that led the British people to trust him and follow him through the turmoil to victory.

Hosted by the Brighton Astrology Circle. Fee: £5. For booking and information, go to www.brightonastrologycircle.com/how-archetypal-astrology-works