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Astrological Lodge of London: Reincarnation: Life after Life / Hermetic Journey through the Zodiac (Part 3)

Every Monday evening. First talk 19:00, second talk 20:30. One ticket covers both talks.


19:00 Reincarnation – Life after Life: Colyn Boyce

Do we have just one earthly life, or do we return . . . time and again? Even in the last 25 years an increasing number in the western world have come around to the view that this is not our only life. For millennia, mystics, artists and scientists and some of the greatest thinkers have accepted reincarnation as a central tenet of human existence. If as some suggest that justice rules the universe, rebirth is the only logical explanation for dealing with apparent inequalities: why some are wealthy and others are poor, while others have good health and yet others are dealt are a rotten set of ‘health’ cards. Our speaker examines what the Ageless Wisdom has to say on the subject.

20:30 The Hermetic Journey through the Zodiac (Part 3): Smiljana Gavrančić

An examination of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces with regard to pentads (groups of five), important degrees, decans (10 degrees of each sign, i.e. it is about two pentads), making pictures within the Zodiac using planets, signs, degrees as well as important fixed stars. Also demonstrating the speaker’s self-developed degrees within Mundane Astrology.

Biography: Smiljana Gavrančić was born in Serbia. She is Professional ISAR CAP Astrologer since March 2011. She finished her astrological studies at The Institute for Astrological Research Before astrology, Smiljana studied International Law (the University of Belgrade, Serbia). Her articles were published at the Mountain Astrology blog, in the Astrological Journal, ISAR Journal, NCGR Geocosmic Journal, Infinity Astrological Magazine, at Astrodienst (astro.com). She gives her talks at astrological conferences: AA Conference 2016, 2022, The Astrological Lodge of London 2016, 2021, 2022, CINASTRO online conference 2015

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