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Astrological Lodge of London: The Braha Sutras / Metonic Cycle

Every Monday evening. First talk 19:00, second talk 20:30.

One ticket covers both talks.


19:00 The Braha Sutras James Braha

James will describe a number of important subjects from his 2022 book The Braha Sutras in detail. Topics covered will be: Why the Moon is so important, why we must use the bhava chart, how to get the most accuracy from varga charts, why planets running their dasas and bhuktis do NOT throw aspects, the intense effects of any planets sitting opposite the Moon, how to make accurate predictions using transits, and how to understand the foundation of each horoscope as well as any “signatures” involved and more.

Biography: In 1986 James Braha altered the world of astrology when he wrote the first easily understandable and accessible book on Hindu/Vedic astrology, Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer. It is widely recognized as a modern classic and Robert Hand, the world’s foremost Western astrologer, called it a masterpiece. James is known for his ability to explain complicated astrological and spiritual concepts in the simplest, most digestible manner.
.Ancient Hindu Astrology was revised and expanded in 2020, with 200 extra pages. His other books (all of which can be purchased from Amazon) include:
The Art and Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology: Nine Intimate Sessions Between Teacher and Student ©2001
The Braha Sutras, Insights from a Lifetime of Vedic Astrology © 2022
How to be a Great Astrologer: The Planetary Aspects Explained © 1992.
How to Predict Your Future: Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology © 1995.
Astro-Logos: Revelations of a Hindu Astrologer © 1989.
James Braha studied Hindu/Vedic astrology with two highly respected teachers in India; R. Santhanam of Delhi, scholar and translator of numerous ancient Jyotish texts, and P.M. Padia in Bombay. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Jyotish Kovid and B.V. Raman Jyotisha Choodamani. James has done many podcast interviews and teaching sessions that can be seen on YouTube. Search James Braha Hindu (or Vedic) Astrology.

20:00 The Metonic cycle (Part 2) Robyn Ray

Using the Metonic Cycle is a very useful predictive tool that highlights significant periods of time, in advance. Connecting the different Moon Phases into three-year cycles, will help you create a complete story.

There are 52 Moon Phases every year, which gives 52 separate stories. Each Moon Phase can highlight several stories at the same time. Understanding and following the many stories that unfold will enrich your knowledge and your Predictive ability.
The right time to start using this system will be whenever this knowledge is presented to you because the Moon Phases are continuous, repeating exactly every nineteen years.

Biography: ROBYN RAY D.F.Astrol.S., R.C.Astrol., STA., FAPAI
Robyn is a Teacher, a Counsellor and a Consultant, combining both Modern and Traditional Astrology. She was one of the original Members of the APAI where she worked as a Council Member for many years. Her fascination with the Lunar Phases over three decades has given her the experience to time events in the future, with the extraordinary accuracy that this system provides.

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