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Astrological Lodge of London: Chiron in synastry / Metonic Cycle

Every Monday evening. First talk 19:00, second talk 20:30.

One ticket covers both talks.


19:00 Chiron in synastry – healer/wounder Ana Isabel

Relationships act as mirrors showing us who we are through the way we transfer our view of ourselves onto others and by projecting our desires and expectations onto them. They can be a Hall of Mirrors in which we see distorted images of ourselves and others. So, what can Chiron in Synastry show us about the role we play by touching a beloved’s wounds to help bring healing, or by wounding and bringing old pain to the surface? In this talk we will look how Chiron can bring both great pain and healing in relationships.

Biography: Ana is an Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, Teacher and Broadcaster. Ana combines Hypnotherapy and Astrology to help unblock repressed aspects of the personality as well as working on the links between the Birth Chart, Karma and Pre-birth experiences. She is heard regularly on BBC radio and is now hosting an Astrology podcast, Lightways Astrology on Anchor FM, https://anchor.fm/ana-isabel55 You can follow her Astrological, and Hypnotherapy blogs at www.lifeastrologer.com or on Facebook.

20:00 The Metonic cycle (Part 3) Robyn Ray

Using the Metonic Cycle is a very useful predictive tool that highlights significant periods of time, in advance. Connecting the different Moon Phases into three-year cycles, will help you create a complete story.

There are 52 Moon Phases every year, which gives 52 separate stories. Each Moon Phase can highlight several stories at the same time. Understanding and following the many stories that unfold will enrich your knowledge and your Predictive ability.
The right time to start using this system will be whenever this knowledge is presented to you because the Moon Phases are continuous, repeating exactly every nineteen years.

Biography: ROBYN RAY D.F.Astrol.S., R.C.Astrol., STA., FAPAI
Robyn is a Teacher, a Counsellor and a Consultant, combining both Modern and Traditional Astrology. She was one of the original Members of the APAI where she worked as a Council Member for many years. Her fascination with the Lunar Phases over three decades has given her the experience to time events in the future, with the extraordinary accuracy that this system provides.

For further details and to book your place on the talk, visit www.astrolodge.co.uk