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Astrological Lodge of London: Lunar Nodes / Toxic relationships

Every Monday evening. First talk 19:00, second talk 20:30.

One ticket covers both talks.


19:00 A unique way to look at Lunar Nodes Wendell Perry

What are the Lunar Nodes all about? Is it just reincarnation and karma, or something more? In this lecture we will explore the Lunar Nodes as a gateway to a broader conception of human consciousness. We will also learn what they have to teach us, not just about ourselves, but also about the very nature of astrology.

Biography: Wendell C. Perry is an astrologer, artist and writer. He is the author of four books published by Llewellyn Worldwide: “The Lunar Nodes” (2022), “Behind the Horoscope” (2020), “Saturn Cycles” (2009) and “The Mars/Venus Affair” (2000). He also wrote “Father Sun, Mother Moon”(2013) and maintains a focus on natal and mundane astrology. Contact him at Good Golly Astrology online at www.goodgollyastrology.com

20:00 Toxic relationships (Part 2) Martin Moritz

Sir Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe: The Prince and the Showgirl. London, 1956. The sexiest woman alive arrives to make a movie with the greatest actor alive. Nobody knows that this will turn out to be a disaster…

Churchill versus Ghandi: India is the biggest jewel in the crown of the Empire but a little man in a loin cloth dears to threatens Churchill, a man with a will of iron…
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis: The mother of all feuds. ‚Whatever happens to Baby Jane‘, filmed in 1962, opened a new genre: Hagsploitation. Why did the two divas try every trick on earth to make the other one look bad?

Biography: Martin Sebastian Moritz has lived in London and is now based in Berlin. He has a degree in psychology and is a trained therapist and trend researcher. He has been a consulting astrologer for over 20 years, lectures online and in workshops and writes articles for astrological journals in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. He takes a keen interest in biography work, gender issues, history, mundane, psychological and karmic astrology. His first book The mysterious 8th house – facing the shadow, has recently been translated into English. His website: astro-via.com.

For further details and to book your place on the talk, visit www.astrolodge.co.uk