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Astrological Lodge of London: Recently named Trans-Neptunian Objects / Female Asteroids

Every Monday evening. First talk 19:00, second talk 20:00.

One ticket covers both talks.


19:00 Some recently named trans-Neptunian objects Zsuzsanna Griga

Albion, Leleakuhonua, Diroretsa, Gonggong, Alicanto, Arrokoth, Zhulong, Mbabamwanawaresa, G!kun||’homdima are recently named TNO’s and when you name something you give it a destiny, thus names given to newly discovered celestial objects are always relevant, even if they are strange. Exploring the myths linked to them, we will be looking at the karmic significance they carry.

Biography: Zsuzsanna Griga has been a karmic astrologer for 35 years. In 2003 she founded Clear Brook College of Parapsychology and Alternative Healing, where she teaches transcendental karmic astrology. This version deals with the hidden karmic issues that have accumulated in previous incarnations, and uncovers them with the help of asteroids, centaurs/TNOs and fixed stars.

20:00 The female asteroids in your chart Jessica Adams

How do Psyche (the daughter-in-law of Venus), Juno (Jupiter’s wife), Minerva, Fortuna and Diana (Jupiter’s daughters) and the rest, operate in your birth chart? This talk also includes Salacia, who is Neptune’s wife. What happens when they transit your chart? The missing information you need about your natal horoscope is usually supplied by the asteroids and other factors. You can use astro.com, AstroGold or Jessica Adams’ website to discover the secret at this event. This is the first part of a two-part talk with the male asteroids on 3rd July.

Biography: Jessica Adams BA is the author of Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins), Handbag Horoscopes (Penguin) and the #1 American and Australian Amazon bestseller, 2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide. She lives in Tasmania.

Free detailed Western Tropical Chart as well as Sidereal Vedic Charts along with the Indian Almanac Panchanga can be found at www.CircleofDivine.com and

For further details and to book your place on the talk, visit www.astrolodge.co.uk