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Moon Signatures, Patterns & Cosmic Oracle

Moon phases, with Israel Ajose

A Zoom webinar with Israel Ajose, presented by the Aquarius Severn Astrology Society.

The Moon is said to represent our emotions, security, mother and how receptive we are. While all the above is true, this powerful feminine luminary may have a lot more to say about our lives than that.
Moon signs, house placements, aspects, sect, condition and phases all point towards our physical circumstances, experiences and wellbeing in this physical world. The moon is actually the storehouse or hard drive of our life’s experiences, and the anchor which grounds us in this physical reality.

In this lecture we will be exploring how the Moon in our natal charts encompasses all of our life’s experiences and stories of past, present and future.

Free, but donations accepted. Register in advance here. Time: 7.30pm – 8.45pm BST