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My Moon is on Your Mars, are we Compatible?!

Brighton Astrology Circle invites you to: “My Moon is on your Mars, are we Compatible?!” Virtual Astrology Talk via Zoom. With Fernanda Paiva

Astrology is famous for promising enlightening insights about love: sun sign compatibility, chart comparison (also known as synastry), composite charts… There are a myriad of different techniques that promise revealing the amount of compatibility between people. But how do they work? Is it really possible to tell from 2 astrology charts if their owners would get along or not? In this talk we will be having fun exploring some of these techniques and using a few examples in order to understand compatibility astrology a bit further (to make the most of this evening, a basic understanding of astrology is required).

Booking: https://www.brightonastrologycircle.com/my-moon-is-on-your-mars-are-we-compatible-2/