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OPA Astrology Virtual Conference

Astrology and the Great Awakening – April 22 – 27 2021

As we slog our way through to the end of 2020, the world as we knew it has crashed. The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, and then the square to Uranus in Taurus in early 2021, ushers in the potential of a new Aquarian world, while Pluto is engaged in Capricorn clean up work before taking us to the next step in Aquarius as well. We are certainly awakening to the many challenges of our world, including threats to this planet’s health–yet we might also awaken to consciously create the higher potentials of Aquarian energy–individuation, equality, humanitarianism, innovation, technology–and even true enlightenment.

Can we dream of intelligent discourse becoming the norm? Solutions to our complicated challenges–climate change, pandemic management, economic revival and restructuring?
Equality and justice?

Perhaps we can also cultivate the highest vibration of Neptune in Pisces, living in a world of compassion and empathy rather than lies, confusion and loss. How will astrology inform our decisions, light the way, enlighten the conversation?

This OPA conference promises to showcase astrology’s gifts to provide direction for our future, including the hard work on the path before us.

We’re putting our hearts and souls into creating an amazing conference in the virtual space. Don’t miss it!

Organised by the Organsation of Professional Astrology. Information and Booking here.