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Neptune: Sixth Seed Astrology

Every second Thursday of the month we meet to talk about an aspect of the astrological birth chart. The idea is to explore the theoretical meaning as well as the real-life expression of the specific planet, sign, house or any other point we have chosen to focus on. It’s a 2-hour Zoom meeting where, in a workshop format, every participant has the chance to share their thoughts and comment on how the topic is reflected in their own chart and how it translates to their experience. I will start with a brief 15-min introduction of the topic, followed by a ”round table” conversation in the group.

After looking at the cycles and transits of Saturn and Uranus in the last discussions, this time we will focus on Neptune and its role as a trigger of crises of growth and transformation. Neptune is not a personal planet and takes over 160 years to make one full circle of the chart, so human life does not last long enough to experience its complete step-by-step effect as with Saturn and Uranus. Still, Neptune is a great force when touching sensitive points in our charts by transit. It also connects us to the large-scale cultural and social context and spirit of the time we were born in.

Charts of participants will be displayed during the call and the meeting will be recorded. The recordings will only be available for people who have signed up, whether or not they attended live. The link will be emailed to you within a few days after the meeting.

Event admission fee: £7, maximum number of attendees: 20
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