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Astro-Psychology: Sixth Seed Astrology: The Current Cosmic Climate

Live Zoom workshop with Radilina Shanova

Transiting planets mirror the unique order of the Universe at any moment in time – a pattern which reflects the psychological and physical conditions we exist in and how they periodically activate sensitive aspects of our personal character and individual joirneys. Through external pressure, they challenge us to face whatever in our nature needs attention and integration. Each planet is a timekeeper for specific processes in us and in the world around us. I will be explaining how these principles work in practice through an exploration of the current positions in the Sky of all planets from Mercury to Pluto. I will also offer some tips for calculating and working with transits, with a focus on using the knowledge for deeper understanding of ourselves, others and the historical context of our times. Join me and the group at the link below this coming Sunday. You will receive an email with the Zoom link after registration.

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