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Astrology Fundamentals – Who am I? With Margaret Gray

6 WEEK ONLINE ASTROLOGY FUNDAMENTALS COURSE – Who Am I? – with Margaret Gray – Pre-booking required!

Understanding yourself better with the tool of Psychological Astrology
(This is an online course and everyone is very welcome to attend).

The greater our self-knowledge and understanding, the easier it is to navigate our way consciously through these times of major collective change.

Join me in this 6 part online series of presentations and discussions, where we will explore together, the valuable information you can discover about yourself, based on the placement of the planets in your birth chart, by sign, house and aspect. This will be a fun, relaxed and chatty environment, to support you in discovering more about yourself and the people in your life, with the useful tool of astrology.

We will meet at 7pm Irish time for an hour and 15mins, on the following Tuesdays and discuss the following topics.

  1. March 7th: The Sun – your identity and vocation
  2. March 13th: Moon and Mercury – your emotions and communication style
  3. March 21st: Venus and Mars – your self-value and assertiveness skills –
  4. March 28th: Jupiter and Saturn – what gives you meaning and how you manifest and implement boundaries

Please Note that there is a One Week Break between these classes

  1. April 11th: Uranus, Neptune – your generational ideals and dreams –
  2. April 18th: Pluto and Chiron – your access to self-empowerment and self-healing

Cost: Euro 180 for the entire series, if booked by Feb. 28th.
Euro 200 for bookings after Feb. 28th.
Please email me at margaretastrology@gmail.com to register. These meetings will take place via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and the link to view them will be available for 6 months, to everyone who registers for the course.

Feel free to send me your Birth Chart Data ahead of time, with permission to use your birth chart in the presentations.
Spaces will be limited so please make your reservation asap.

This series is suitable for anyone who is interested in Astrology and would like to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Presenter: Margaret Gray, MSW, B.A. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dip. Psych. Astrology
Margaret is a consulting and teaching astrologer based in Dublin. She is also a psychotherapist and works extensively with couples. Margaret offers birth chart readings to clients all over the world, as well as teaching courses and webinars, and speaking at international conferences. Her work is grounded in a Jungian based psychological approach. Margaret is particularly interested in relationship astrology and is the co-founder of ‘Relationships and Astrology’, which offers several certificate courses. Margaret set up and co-runs Astrology Ireland, served on the IAEA board and is a past ISAR board member.

For more information email Margaret Gray at margaretastrology@gmail.com

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