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July 2014

This month's editor is Wendy Stacey

Welcome everyone to the July issue of In The Loop.

As the Sun moves out of Cancer this week we republish an interview with our own lunar Goddess Rose Elliot, world acclaimed vegetarian cookery book writer and astrologer.

OPA in the US posts the charts of the two mysterious Malaysian airline flights.

Befitting with Jupiter's entry into Leo an article from the AA's archives, Exploration of Heliocentric and the Solar Dimension by T Patrick Davis which has been republished from when Jupiter was in Leo two cycles ago.

The FREE recording offered to all this month is by the inspiring and wonderful late Howard Sasportas on The Nature of Mars in the Horoscope.

Trudie Charles, the AA's secretary and librarian is holding an open day for the AA library where you can view over 10,000 astrological books!

Wishing you well,

Wendy Stacey

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This month's articles

Wendy Stacey interviews Rose Elliott

Exploration of Heliocentric and the Solar Dimension by Heliocentric pioneer T. Patrick Davis (1927-2001)

This month's Free Download

Listen to Howard Sasportas's The Nature of Mars in the Horoscope from the 1985 AA Conference.

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