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With the recent Greek issues that have dominated our headlines for the past few months, I thought it might be interesting to look back at some items relating to the Euro and the EU from past issues of the journals and see if there is any thing relating to current events in Euro-land.

I could not find anything relating specifically to Greece and, as there so many different charts for Greece, (all of which seem to work for their respective adherents). I have elected not to post a chart for Greece as I am not qualified to comment on the various charts currently available. I leave it to you the reader, to pick your own version of the Greek chart from the many internet sources

I hope you find something in the following articles to stimulate your interest in Mundane events.

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This month's articles

The UK and The EEC by James Russell

(published in the AA Journal Autumn 1971)

Concerning the UK's entry into the EEC, a study of some relevant charts and methods seems appropriate. I am coming to the view that in mundane work one should be guided strictly by the constitutional set-up where this can be ascertained. For this reason the chart of the Head of State cannot be ignored. Sometimes the Head of State is actually the head of the government also; sometimes the government is appointed by him; sometimes, as in the United States, it is difficult to decide where the power really resides-sometimes the President seems the key figure and sometimes, as recently, he seems to be a mere Aunt Sally. The well-known difficulty that directions in the Head of State's chart may manifest personally rather than politically can be overcome, I think, by the use of synastry.

For complete success this requires a reliable Foundation chart for the particular State which is not always available. However the chart for the promulgation of a new Constitution is evidently a good substitute. For instance the time for Japan given in CEO Carter's Introduction to Political Astrology is in fact the time of promulgation of the Constitution approved by the Emperor Meiji. This is an interesting case as the Japanese dynasty is of great antiquity and no reliable Foundation map is likely to become available. For some centuries the Emperor had no powers, merely religious and ritual functions, power being exercised by a hereditary Prime Minister, the Shogun. In 1889 the Emperor re-assumed political power and decreed a new constitution under which the Shogunate disappeared.

There was a similar set-up in Nepal until a few years ago when the monarchy resumed political power. Japan acquired another new Constitution on 3 May 1947 at 00hr. Iocal time, Tokyo-local sidereal time 14-57-44 or 1500 hrs. GMT 2ndMay 1947. I have not worked with this new chart.

Considering now the constitutional position in Britain, the monarch appoints the government which is universally known as H.M.G. Granted the Parliamentary set-up may cause the Crown to appoint different persons, constitutionally the appointees form H.M.G' For this reason I have lost interest in close-of-poll charts-at a general election there are 630 such charts all with different angles. Again' constitutionally a new Parliament begins in the House of Lords where, at 2.3O p.m. on the appointed day (at any rate in modern times), the Lord Chancellor reads the Queen's writ summoning a new Parliament. The newly elected Commons are then sent away to elect a Speaker and this is followed by the new members taking an oath of allegiance. This latter process takes about two days after which the House of Commons is able to get down to business.

The present Parliament began at 2.30 p.m. B.S.T. on 29 June 1970. Doing some synastry using this chart with Mr. Heath's chart (speculative 10.55 p.m. G.M.T. 9 July 1916, Broadstairs 51-21 N l-26 E) we have Parliament first, 30 Heath second:- Mars conj, Sun; Sun conj. Venus; Moon sextile Saturn; Mercury conj. Mercury; Neptune trine Mercury; all within {' or less. Assuming Mr. Heath was appointed at 7.05 p.m. B.S.T. on 19 June 1970, then Parliament M.C. is sextile appointment M.C. exact which helps to confirm the appointment time which must lie between 6.56 and 7.14 p.m. No doubt other links can be found, these are enough for a start.

Returning to the E.E.C. it only remains to put forward the Foundation maps for the synastry. For reasons given in my article in the Astrological Journal (Vol. III No. 3, June 1961) I favour for the U.K. a map for 3.28 p.m. G.M.T. 7 December 1922. The time may be a minute or two earlier but certainly not later; some purists may prefer cusps for Belfast, where the key step was taken, rather than for London, the seat of Government

There is no doubt in my mind this date and time mark the beginning of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Crown adopted this new Style and Title later on by Order in Council (the Privy Council) but I have not looked up the date of this Order. I have just noticed that in the humble Address presented to George V on 8 December 1922 the key words are "...the powers...of the Irish Free State...shall no longer extend to Northern Ireland" a point which confirms the opinions I expressed in the rest of the article in the Journal in 1961.

The other map I have chosen is that for the signing of the Treaty of Rome on 25 March 1957 at Rome. I have ascertained from the E.E.C. Commission in Brussels that the ceremony began at 18.30 hours; I understand it was broadcast. I have done a first rectification to 18.36 hours local time, local sid. time 06-37-44. No doubt readers will wish to do their own charts. Summarising the recommended ones:

U.K. 1922: 3.28 p.m. G.M.T.7 Dec. 1922 London (or perhaps Belfast) G.S.T. 20-30-27, at Belfast L.S.T. 20-06-47. Secondary prog: noon G.M.T. 7 Dec. 1922 equivalent to 15 Oct. 1922.

Treaty of Rome: 18.36 hrs. local time (as rectified) 25 March 1957 at Rome 41-54 N, 12-29 E, L.S.T. (rectified) 06-37-44. Secondary progs: noon G.M.T.25 March 1957 equivalent to 30 Dec. 1956.

Queen Elizabeth II: born London,2l April 1926, 1.40 a.m. G.M.T. Secondary progs: noon G.M.T. 21 April 1926 equivalent 25 Sept. 1926.

There is not space here for exhaustive synastry between these charts, but some prominent features may be noted. In all cases radical positions are meant unless otherwise stated. Progressions are secondary progressions.

1. Treaty (1st); United Kingdom 1922 (2nd):

Saturn stationary retrograde conjunct Sun, Mercury. This Treaty Saturn is now slipping away by secondary progression, explaining the successful conclusion after ten years of negotiations. Saturn will not be back for 200 years or so. Jupiter sextile Venus exact: Malg progressed opposition Sun; Venus progressed trine Neptune. In the Treaty chart only: Sun progressed opposition Ascendant progressed; Mars progressed opposition Saturn radical.

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Life on Planet Earth: The European Union

by Adrian Duncan

(AA Journal: July 2001 Issue 43.04)

One of most significant historical developments in the last century was the formation of the European Union. Throughout the last two millennia the countries of Europe fought bitter and bloody struggles in attempts to gain dominance, with vast world power blocks based on the empires of England, Portugal, Spain and France, culminating in the ascendancy of a unified Germany in the late l9th century. The devastation caused by German nationalism in particular resulted in a deep-seated urge to solve the problems of the nations of Europe.

Initially this started as the EEC, a simple economic union between the Benelux countries, France, Italy and Germany on I January 1958, but it culminated in the formation of the actual European Union on I November 1993 at 0.00 hrs in Brussels. It was at this time that the expression 'European Union' became official. This is a most extraordinary horoscope, depicting an organisation that not only can match the powers of the USA, China, and Russia, but can come to be the dominating factor in world development for centuries to come. First of all, it was formed within only one week of the last of three Uranus/Neptune conjunctions, cementing for the next two centuries the significance of this 172-year cycle for political development. With the conjunction taking place in Capricorn-it was also in Capricorn in l82l-the major theme of this s1,nod was the dissolution and revolutionary change of established political organisations, notably in this case the total break up of the Soviet Union and the birth of a so-called 'New World Order'. Major planetary cycles of this nature bring the end of an era and the beginning of a new.

Thus it was no accident that the expression 'New World Order' came into currency at this time. However, it is when something new is formed or founded that there is truly lasting significance, and the creation of the EU, after the Maastricht negotiations of 1992, enshrined in its horoscope the principles of vision and renewal in a European state. However this state is run, this vision will inform its actions: to create a democratic and caring union of states that share the same ideals.

So much for the dream. Getting back to reality, the economic values of the EU are shown quite clearly by the exalted position of the Moon, strong in Taurus and in the 10tn house. Plenty of beef mountains and milk rivers here. The materialism shown by this position of the Moon cannot be ascribed to the politicians assembled in Brussels (who are represented by the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 3'd house). No, the people who put those politicians there-that's us-sent them there to ensure that our material comforts are not threatened. We want our supermarkets to be full, our loans to be cheap, our incomes to increase. And as a general rule the EU will make this happen, because the chart is so powerful. Apart from the exalted Moon, the planets Mars, Venus and Saturn are strong in their own signs, which is very unusual. The elevated position of the Moon shows that in the last analysis the EU is a democratic institution, answerable to the people, who secretly will fight to the last breath to secure their material comforts.

Because this chart-although it has vision and humanity-is also brutal. Formed on the very day Mars conjoined Pluto, in the sign which both rule, there is absolutely immense power at the disposal of the EU. Bearing in mind that this conjunction opposes the Moon, it is hardly any wonder that when threatened with foot and mouth disease, for example, the EU chooses the most brutal option... slaughter. Other options like vaccination are resisted because this would prevent export of animals. Even though foot and mouth is in theory not deadly to livestock, the mountains of sheep, pigs and cattle burning in the British countryside in the months of March and April 2001-as Saturn conjoined that Moon and opposed Mars-Pluto-the plumes of black smoke, the distraught farmers, the suffering animals... all are offered on the altar of ruthless economic principle.

It is in the mindset of the EU that such uncompromising action is for the good of all, but this is not so. If this were the horoscope of a person, then that person would be seen as dictatorial and unfeeling, totally governed by deep-seated anxiety about economic loss. The person cannot see beyond his own wallet. Therefore, citizens of the new proud state of Europe, take care! You are in the driving seat of an organisation whose fixation on material security can be life-threatening. Europe needs long-term therapy, but at the same time is resistant to it. The stellium in Scorpio and the 4th house shows the seat of the EU in the monolithic headquarters in Brussels. This is where the invisible power brokers sit, and though Mars is dignified in Scorpio, the conjunction with retrograde Mercury shows secretive decision making and power-hungry officials, who are both paranoid about losing influence and dictatorial in wielding it. If the EU seems soft on the outside, there can be no doubt that it is like a samurai on the inside. It may be monolithic, but when it actually makes a move it will crush whatever is in its path. The secretiveness and power are in the nature of the organisation itself... those kind and idealistic politicians who represent our countries are, generally speaking, a fine bunch of people, working hard and optimistically to achieve functional compromises. This is clearly shown by the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Libra and the 3'd house. As ruler of the l0th, Venus is the decision-maker, and its position in the third shows all those MEPs travelling to Brussels, talking amongst themselves, and having a fine time socially. They do a good job, and have the capacity to accept the disruption of their daily lives indicated by the square to Uranus-Neptune. And the trine to Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th indicates accomplished diplomacy in dealing with other world organisations.

It's a wonderfully dignified process, combining friendliness and formality. The strong 7th house Saturn shows a worthy opposition, whether it be from Russia, Asia or the United States. With Saturn also almost exactly squaring the uncompromising Mars-Pluto opposition to the Moon, then every drop of diplomatic juice needs to be squeezed from Venus. Saturn in Aquarius is the voice of reasonableness, whilst Mars-Pluto to the Moon is the voice of self-interest. As a result, there will be many deadlocks in dealing with other economic organisations. And when you read about these deadlocks in European newspapers, you will almost certainly get a story manipulated (by Mercury in Scorpio) for European consumption.

If we hear about the intransigence of other economic blocks, it is almost certain that it is Europe itself that is intransigent. With Europe sitting pretty on its mountain of resources (though this mountain has a volcano churning deep at its root), it is fairly natural that a lot of people want to join the party. Whilst right wing European politicians-motivated by the politics of greed-bitterly complain about economic migrants, the Uranus-Neptune conjunction precisely on the 6th house cusp shows how necessary they are to keep the wheels of the machine turning. This conjunction square Venus shows a porous labour market, with exotic foreigners seeping across the borders by land, air and particularly by sea-much to the consternation of the good MEPs.

Yet the trine of the Moon to Uranus-Neptune shows the benefit foreign workers bring, not just materially, but also spiritually and culturally. So this is our superstate of the next millennium. It is powerful, sometimes fearsome, and it is secure, sometimes kind. It encapsulates the democratic vision of the age. The pillars holding up this temple of materialism are subject to the occasional earthquake-especially here in 2001 with the t-square so powerfully activated by Uranus. We can expert dramatic economic fallout from the recession that is growing in strength and will shake the US to its foundations. Fortunately the Saturn-Pluto-Node The European Union oppositions of 2001 to 2002 do not hit the EU as hard as they do the US, so the Euro will probably get comparatively stronger, but the repercussions for telecoms in particular-will be global, with Nokia, Siemens and Eriksson continuing to suffer for at least a couple of years.

Whilst economic experts predict a resurgence of the economy, those in the know should batten down the hatches, sell their technology shares if they still have value, or sit it out for the long term. The secret of success is to expect a turn around after 2003, not before. The shadow side of the EU is its dictatorial and secretive nature, which predisposes it to corruption. There will be a shattering example of this when Neptune conjoins the t-square in 2008 and 2009, precipitating another economic crisis. It is at this time that the progressed Sun conjoins the Mars/Pluto conjunction, and this will foreshadow major world political change on many other fronts too. This is a time of European upheaval.

With Europe here to stay, however, it is important to be conscious of its shadow side. Ultimately the influence of Scorpio is to transform materialism, and to seek deeper values, and it is up to the individual to fight power misuse and create the circumstances for transformation.

Adrian Duncan 17.04.2001

EU chart source: Campion, N, The Book of World Horoscopes

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The Astrology of the Euro

by Roy Gillett (published in the AA Journal Jan 1999)

Even without the Euro being launched, 1999 was destined to be a crucial and very difficult year for world economy. Now the Euro is likely to bear the brunt of the difficulties - even be blamed for them - in many ways unfairly. After all, it will not be the cause of most of them. New Year's Day 1999 From the Legal Date Chart( 00.00 CET 1.1.1999 Frankfurt am Main- Germany - there will be no turning back. It is a birth even though no official trading is possible yet. The chart shows the character and impact of the Euro currency on world economy and other currencies. There will be intense anxiety leading up to the launch (Moon opposition Mercury 9th/3rd), considerable mistrust, and a feeling we are not being "told everything".

One problem after another will dog the Euro. This will be especially so as we build up to second week of March 1999 (transiting Saturn exactly square radix Neptune). Trying to balance and answer intense communication and misinformation will be an ongoing problem. Although a very difficult chart, it shows strength and high intelligence. so it may well be that the Euro will become a centre of focus around which the solving of many world problems revolves.

The Start of Trading The First Trade Chart at 7 a.m. NZST 4. I . I 999 Auckland New Zealand indicates the dynamics of the Euro market - its performance. The few days between 1st January and the launch will be fraught, almost desperate - especially on the 3rd January. There will be considerable problems during the twelve hours between the first official trade. When the NZ market opens and just before Frankfurt opens (Moon opposite Uranus prior to opening of the Frankfurt exchange). It will seem as though Frankfurt is not ready and is 27 wrestling to keep control of what is happening. Considerable high profile challenges to the currency are likely to be felt until 20th January (Transiting Mars opposite radix Saturn).

It would be interesting to have the exact time of the very first trade when known.

In many ways, I prefer the First Trade Chart for Frankfurt. The NZ one really describes the initial skirmishes but the Frankfurt one is when trading in the Euro should be fully ready and in full flow. This is where all world pressures will be focused and have to be resolved. So, we should look to this for the essential dynamics of the Euro market - its performance. This market opens just seven minutes of time after this lunar month's most electric emotional tension (Moon opposite Uranus). Struggles over given and accepted values will be strong (2nd/8th house). Many issues will only just start to become clarified from this moment. Wrestling for control and intense communication about problems dominates. With the Saturn Neptune square, problems over trust and reliable information will be a dominant theme. It will be difficult to assuage an expanding anxiety (Ascendant ruler Jupiter squares Ascendant.)

Crucial Times for the Currency

1) The launch itself until 20th January. The Euro will be constantly in the news, as new facts and implications are discovered and dealt with in an atmosphere of partisan struggle.

2) The second week of March 1999. It will not be until after that we will begin to have any real understanding of the issues. Around this time the real confrontation with reality in financial markets generally will really need to be addressed (Saturn completes its square to Neptune).

The Spring of 1999 will see markets retuning to and facing the issues of August 1998. From then through the summer, until May 2000 will be an essential testing time for the world economy. The Euro will be one of many financial instruments that will be under challenge.

3) Building to August 1999 and intensifying until the end of the month, the world confrontation will have to be resolved, increasingly difficult realities will intensify. These will be as much political and social. as economic. The accepted value of the Euro will come in for some questioning at this time (Nodal axis is across first trade Moon/Uranus opposition, which was in the 2nd/8th.. Over-valuing and decisions based on inadequate understanding at the launch will show themselves and require difficult decisions.

4) Building up to - and especially in - the month of May 2000 there will be fundamental tests (Taurus stellium squares First Trade Moon / Uranus opposition). Not until after this time will the true value of the Euro and its place in world markets start to be clear. From then, the true future of a very different world economy, based on real rather than assumed values will start to unfold.

Biography: Roy Gillett is Chair of the Astrological Association, a practising financial Astrologer and distributor of Solar Fire software in Britain

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