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With the General Election upon us it seems appropriate to review the writings of various well known astrologers on parliamentary issues. Most of the articles are drawn from the AA Journal archives now available to our Members, but I am also very pleased to include contributions to the subject by R. H. Naylor and veteran AA member Betty Gosling.

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This month's articles

General Election 2015 by Roy GillettRead it here

The England Chart By Betty Gosling Read it here

The Parliament of England by RH Naylor Read it here

Election Notes Summer 1991 By Roger Elliot Read it here

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This month's articles

General Election 2015: the struggle for the nation's soul

by Roy Gillett

AA President, Roy Gillett, puts forward a personal perspective on the UK General Election, examining both the natal-transits progressions charts of the major candidates in the May 7 2015 UK General Election and the Westminster transits chart for polling day itself. Who will win? What does the nation require? The full article can be read in the March/April edition of the Astrological Journal.

The intelligent voter uses astro-cycles Astro-cycles show clearly the crass futility of such a process. The way we innovate, our taste in fashion and belief, how we handle fear, whether we need to grow or consolidate, our personal needs and dispositions: these are not determined by answering short-term desire, or even by particular economic/political theories and social policy. As the cycles of the planets unfold, so will the general and personal needs of the time. Because this is so, good policy makers must be flexible, but still trustworthy; unshakeably resolute in the way they stick to their principles, with long-term clarity in their decision making. They must be courageous in the face of adversity, capable of changing agendas by convincing others. So will the 2015 UK General Election be conducted in this enlightened way, or be no different from before? How can we tell during the campaign? Either way, what are the likely outcomes?

Result unlikely to be clean-cut The chart drawn for Westminster at the closing of the polls shows potential for the customary superficial cut and thrust campaign. The intense struggle for power may wear itself out a little early, as the Sun in The campaign will be strident and the result unlikely to be clean-cut. Mercury opposes Saturn on the 3rd May, as Mars applies to do so on the 14th. Slowly applying to square Neptune on the 16th, Mercury makes a retrograde station on the 19th. Negotiations will be full of smoke and mirrors: intimidating, confusing, even deceptive. Without integrity, deliberations will lead to few lasting achievements, as everyone senses that a rug is about to be pulled away from under their feet.

'Winners' and 'losers'-prospects for the party leaders

David Cameron: (Oct 9 1966, Sun 6:00 BST-1:00 Wantage, UK)

The natal Sun and Venus rising in Libra present an immediate accommodating approach, but this can be undermined by a quick-tempered ego driven Moon conjunct Jupiter late in the10th, which makes him fast to recognise and bully opponents. With the General Election close of polls, 1st/7th Moon/Venus opposition placed across his MC/IC axis, especially the Moon on his IC, he will figure prominently in the people's mind. He will be helped during the campaign by his North Node (conjunct Sun on polling day) having been crossed by his progress Moon two months before. However, transiting Saturn's trine to his Jupiter, applying to conjunct his progress Sun/Venus in Sagittarius in autumn 2015, suggest a man open to being burdened with increasingly difficult responsibilities. If that is what people want in their leader and their country, he will seem to be the man for the job!

This day is destined to be a make or break one for Ed Miliband's and Nick Clegg's political lives. The Miliband natal MC and Clegg Sun are together at 16° Capricorn, the degree conjoined by transiting Pluto; itself being trined by the Sun on the morning of Polling Day. At such times, only the grandest and most courageous of endeavours will succeed. Only by being seen to prevail, without seeking or even seeming to need help, by having the confidence to carry all before us against all odds, can we give supporters the confidence to follow us on the ideal way ahead.

Ed Miliband: (Dec 24 1969, Wed 2:00pm CET-1:00 London, UK)

Natal Sun in Capricorn, Mercury in that sign on his MC and Taurus rising suggests firm determination. His Mars in Pisces makes him prone to victimisation, especially as transiting Mercury is about to ingress Gemini and forms a hurtful square to it on polling day, while transiting Mars applies to oppose his Neptune. This could, but does not have to be, his Michael Foot/Neil Kinnock electoral experience. By marshalling the full force of Mars' 11th-house position, placing honesty and the people's welfare at the core of his mission, whatever personal cost, by holding uncompromisingly to what he genuinely believes, he could be far more successful than expected. Venus enters Cancer and trines natal Jupiter in his 6th house of work in the small hours of the 9th May. Calm, unapologetic, self-confidence could make earlier criticism irrelevant. Nick Clegg: (Jan 7 1967, Sat 5:30am UT+0:00, Chalfont St Giles, UK)

Sun is also in Capricorn, but the Moonless strongly placed in the12th just behind a Sagittarian ascendant. The ruling Jupiter conjunct the Cameron Moon/Jupiter in Leo, which may have helped achieve the 'Rose Garden' power sharing, is less likely to go the same way. The Moon transiting his Mercury and other Capricorn planets the next day, and Venus ingressing Cancer and applying to trine his progress Mars in Scorpio after that, suggests he could well be involved; but there will be difficulties. Transiting Saturn is the key. Having just retrograded back across his 12th-house Moon in Sagittarius, it continues to its direct station on his progressed MC on the 2nd August 2015. Can he raise people beyond what that student grant 'betrayal' seemed to stand for and express principles to restore their belief in him?

Caroline Lucas the Green Party's one MP and ex-leader ( Dec 9 1960, Fri 8:12:43 UT+0:00, Malvern, UK)

Her Sun in Sagittarius applying to trine Moon conjunct Uranus in Leo indicates revolutionary zeal, which is reinforced by a command of practical detail (Jupiter applying to Saturn in Capricorn in a tight trine to Pluto-North Node in Virgo). The 'close of polls' Saturn retrograding to conjunct her natal Mercury, Pluto on her natal Saturn and Mars squaring her Uranus, indicate the customary aggressive dismissal of her views; but this time could be different. In the immediate electoral aftermath, Jupiter applies to trine her Sun and conjunct her Uranus and Moon. If she has a daytime birth, her second progressed lunar return would be around election time.

Nigel Farage: (Apr 3 1964, Fri 4:30pm BST-1:00 Farnborough, UK)

His force for innovation is represented by Sun-Mars, as well as Jupiter (ruling his Sagittarian Moon), all in Aries. Uranus and Pluto straddling the Virgo ascendant suggest a destructively cavalier approach to tradition. Venus in late Taurus near the Gemini MC gives a likeable intelligent image; now progressed into Cancer - 'he understands what we feel'. Retrogression has kept progress Mercury back in Taurus with progressed Jupiter and Mars indicating he has much more business sense than the natal planets suggest. Progressed Moon and Neptune, half a degree apart in passionate Scorpio, might seem to offer what people want, even if full implications are not that clear. With the lunar return (at 12:47 on polling day) close to an opposition to transiting Venus and trine his Jupiter-Mercury, plus Jupiter trine both his natal Sun and progressed ascendant, whether you love him or not, he will be a man of the moment. Transiting Venus is near a conjunction to his progressed Part of Fortune and goes on to conjunct his progressed North Node-Venus in the week that follows. While seeming auspicious for the day, he should beware of over-confidence. Transiting Mars applies to conjunct his Venus in Taurus during the days immediately after the election. Retrograding Saturn hangs around in through most of the rest of 2015. His Taurus progressions may in the past have mastered speculative financial markets, but how much of what is promised in haste is of sufficiently high principle and vision to be delivered by an Aries stellium with progressed Sun now in ambivalent Gemini?

UK election conventions are in the melting-pot; time to stand above the fray and be heard? Readers may prefer to consider the less high profile leader of the Greens, Natalie Bennett (time unknown, 10th February 1966, Sydney, Australia). Certainly with a strong air grand trine and Saturn/Pluto opposition T-square both focussed on her Jupiter at 21° Gemini, which is crossed by transiting Venus on 30th April 2015, she could come to prominence during the campaign. The transits of polling day suggest her time could come more in a subsequent election-perhaps sooner if she were born around Noon, or 8pm.

A fruitful campaign and result? With Sun trining Pluto on the morning of election day eve [08:11 on 6th May], Mercury trine/sextile the nodal axis on the 9th, and the Moon applying to conjunct Pluto, trine the Sun and Mars, it is not inconceivable that this could be a mature campaign, with a result that fearlessly goes for what is really needed; providing the right message has been expressed. Courageously wise leaders could hold the day, by being honest about the difficult transits and necessary struggles ahead. Then those offering easy options could be shown up as mere chancers. ....Beneficial election campaigns and post-election negotiations emanate from effective use of the astro-events. Are the policies and strategies discussed taking account of the profound economic consequences of Pluto in Capricorn until 2024? With Uranus in Aries until 2019, are proposed changes based on more than half-baked hope? With Neptune in Pisces until early 2026, is our 'gospel' one of accusation and guilt or of bringing people together? With Saturn on the cusp of entering Sagittarius for two to three years, are we confident that those we vote for will deal wisely with obstacles in their way? With Jupiter in Leo, who is the natural leader and who is on an ego-trip? With the decision coming as Mercury slows to retrograde, who do you trust to stick to their word, when others around them are back-tracking?

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The England Chart

by Betty Gosling

Betty Gosling has not only had her 3rd Saturn return but has also retained her lively and quirky intelligence through a life-long passion for Astrology. The following article explores the England chart, and explores the time when power was not determined by democratic means.

Whether or not I am right in my assessment of the actual timing of the crowning of King William I in Westminster abbey, any future composition of this island's chart becomes a progression in my view and not a new chart. Just as a single woman getting married does not give herself a new natal chart on her marriage or any further marriages; these are shown as progressions on progression charts. Adding a nation called Scotland to the length and breadth of the island was therefore a progression of the England chart, not a natal chart for Scotland itself.

This island has Neptune, ruler of the oceans, as its boundary-keeper whether the waters are lapping an English coast, a Scottish or a Welsh one. Neptune rules Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac, complete and whole, and here in the public eye at 22° in the 11th House; and to emphasize the unchanging nature of basic things it is placed in Taurus. The enduring and steadfast nature of Taurus, a fixed sign, hangs on to what it considers belongs to it because it perceives it of value. Should it for some reason lose its value for Taurus then it could be abandoned, removed without qualms. Otherwise Taurus keeps a tight grip. Here this dual rulership with Venus ruling the cusp of the 11th and Gemini ruling the interception, with Mercury in Capricorn who is likely to consider only long-term ownership especially as Mercury is closely trining Saturn.

With the Sun as ascendant ruler in Capricorn in 6th joined by Mercury, plus Mars ruling the M.C. from Aquarius 7th, there is something of an isolationist theme as well; not to be tangled with, given Saturn in Virgo is ruling the 6th from 3rd and ready to call out the troops if there is a threat of invasion even if we wait until the last minute. The North Node, where the Dragon's head can breathe fire, is besieged between Saturn and Chiron closely trine Algol in 11th.

All that being said as far as I am aware, there is no historical record of the actual time of the crowning of William the Conqueror. He was extremely conscious and eager to be named King, especially by the few English nobles who supported him; that is before anything untoward happened. To this end he had the doors of Westminster Abbey locked once he was inside and ready for the ceremony, so that no enemies could get in. He stationed his troops( mercenaries) around the outside of the Abbey to guard it. The historians tell us that at the climax of the ceremony when his followers and the few English nobles that had joined him shouted 'Vivat Rex' 'Long live the King', it was so loud and raucous that the army outside thought there was an insurrection against now King William in the Abbey. Locked doors prevented them from getting in so they burned the surrounding cottages of the peasants in retaliation, no doubt anticipating lack of plunder and therefore no wages. It was a grave mistake with Neptune in the public domain at 22° and helped to turn the English peasants against this foreign usurper, which has to be shown in the chart.

Pluto,ruling the 8th house of inheritance, is here subject to the sudden unexpected takeover of William, who considered the Throne was his by indirect inheritance. It had been promised to him by Edward the Confessor, Pluto partly rules the 5th of kings from the 8th in Pisces, ruled by Neptune here in the 11th in Taurus, with Pluto at 30° ( Jupiter's number ) exactly inconjunct the Ascendant in kingly Leo, which would indicate an adjustment to the line of kings. The Sun is in Capricorn in 6th exactly square M.C. in new beginnings Aries, while Jupiter, partly ruling the 5th, is in Virgo opposite the 8th of death and removal. King Harold had been killed in the battle with William at Hastings, illustrated by Jupiter being closely inconjunct Mars in 7th of battle.

The army outside the Abbey (Saturn ruling the 6th in neighbourhood 3rd in Capricorn is conjunct the NN though not exactly) made a ghastly mistake; Neptune ruling the 9th customs and language difficulties no doubt added to the misunderstanding. The Moon of homes is in fiery Aries with Mars in callous Aquarius at 8° (Uranus' number). Uranus has a ruling influence in 7th of battle warriors, 8th of possessions and 5th of crowns. Mars rules the 10th, so shows a victorious army; and a well-disciplined one with Saturn ruling 6th in Virgo closely trining Mercury Capricorn in 6th. Chiron is in its own sign by modern placings, exactly trine Algol in 11th; by 1066 this was probably still in aspect. This misunderstanding by foreign soldiers had long-term and far-flung repercussions. There was widespread opposition from ordinary people but they were no match for a well-equipped fighting force.

The historians tell us that William was here mainly because there were riches to be gained from England both in money and land; this is why he ordered the compiling of the Doomsday Book, which is a listing of estates, properties and their value. The 5th House cusp is exactly square the 2nd and 8th House cusps; money all round! However the peasants were poor, the Moon in the 9th is quindecile (144°) Saturn, so they had to work hard for little return. The Sun ruling 2nd from Capricorn in 6th is exactly square 4th and 10th cusps. The money presumably was in the land owned by the nobles. The Black Moon is in the 12th of poverty in Cancer. But Lilith is exactly opposite 6th inconjunct Mars in Aquarius applying, meaning the land itself had great potential with Saturn applying to a novile to the Part of Fortune in 4th. The land presumably was fertile, even though the peasants for years were not allowed their rightful benefits from it.

Not only is there a tenacious quality about England, but an inborn feeling of superiority from that Leo ascendant. We can organise and make good quality goods and with Jupiter in 2nd expect to get a good price for them. In modern times this seems to have been part of our downfall, because of pricing ourselves out of the market. Vertex in 5th in Sagittarius is closely semi-sextile the 5th cusp in big money Scorpio and opposite 11th in money-bags Taurus, but trine 2nd cusps in Leo of gold and sextile 8th in Aquarius suggesting occasional 'partings' from our money. Pluto in 8th too in Pisces suggests scraping the bottom of the barrel from time to time. In medieval times this seems to have been quite common due to continuous wars.

Considering the appellation we acquired centuries later - a nation of shopkeepers - this can be seen in the 3rd house with working Virgo on the cusp and Jupiter nudging up against it from the 2nd plus Saturn and Chiron besieging the NN; all in Virgo in 3rd of trading. The Moon in far-afield 9th saying 'British is Best' is exactly quindecile Saturn in 3rd with Mercury of shopkeepers and traders in the 6th in Capricorn closely trine Saturn, zodiacal 10th House ruler. The Sun in Capricorn in 6th is rather widely trine Saturn, but applying, so success promised to come eventually. Since the Sun rules the chart and the 2nd House of money in the pocket, it is likely to be linked to the fluctuations of the gold standard. The Moon is applying semi-square to Neptune, which may well have affected the Sterling later. Algol too could have taken his toll and 'decapitated' us when we got too big for our boots.

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The Parliament of England

by R.H. Naylor - taken from What the Stars Foretell For 1937

At this time, when all the world is in the melting pot what will happen to the English Parliamentary system? Shall we continue to elect well-meaning nondescripts to represent our interests in the Westminster "Gasworks"? Shall we continue to allow vociferous nincompoops with axes to grind, to pass laws to suit themselves? The answer is probably in the affirmative. The Parliamentary system as it now stands is bound to be modified, but will probably be replaced by a system equally muddlesome and gloriously English.

One thing is absolutely certain. Deeply ingrained in the English character is an instinctive respect for title, rank and wealth. So long as the English hang together as a race, for just so long will these things count. Nor is that so barren a prospect as at first sight it appears. The English gentleman may be a dull dog, but somehow his very mediocrity enables him to "keep a fretful world in awe". Perhaps nowhere is this as obvious as in the British rule in India. Nobody could possibly accuse the average British Government official of fineness of understanding or acute discernment, but somehow he muddles through and he will probably continue to muddle through for centuries yet.

At this particular (1936-7) stage of our National History another thing is equally certain: the present gang of politicians will and must pass. Since the South African War and more particularly since the Great War, England has been afflicted with the best-meaning and least capable array of political thinkers that the world has ever known. Thus at the time of writing these words (early Autumn, 1936)the Premier is enjoying a prolonged holiday, the leaders of opposing political factions are displaying a masterly inactivity. This, in the face of a world crisis without parallel since 1914!

What will happen? According to my reading of the stars, a great deal will happen. The British public will suffer fools more or less gladly-or at least in silent resentment-until the next crisis. Then Demos will rouse himself. Up and down throughout the country will be symptoms of deep political and social unrest. Attempts will be made to foist upon the people a form of Fascism on the one hand and a form of Bolshevik Collectivism on the other. Later, one will witness the rise of a middle party, embodying to some extent the ideals and convictions of the average "respectable" man. Ominous underground rumblings, heard from all classes, will herald the coming storm. Englishmen will glance anxiously at one another. There will be a frantic searching after A LEADER.

Who will be the Heaven-sent Moses who will guide the British people through the wilderness? Sir Oswald Mosley? No! He is an imitator rather than a creator. By adopting the methods, the slogans and even the uniform of Continental political bosses, he has shown a lack of leadership. Sincere and capable he may be, but there is something in his psychological make-up and in his actual methods that just do not "get there" with the British public. Further, he is a son of Mars and Neptune. His career will be analogous to the career of Gandhi - that one-time Oriental phenomenon who set out to teach John Bull how to rule India. Mosley will disappear as he appeared -in a welter of inconclusive chaos and riot. His stars are not strong enough to carry him to Power, though before his tale is told he will win some sort of conventional political standing-and this in spite of a hostile Press. But Mosley in the Cabinet would be a different and less effectual Mosley than the Mosley battling as now on unorthodox political seas.

MAJOR ATTLEE. The only hope for this estimable political figure is that, like Baldwin, he should be carried to Power on the shoulders of more effectual figures. He will not be carried to Power for the simple reason that the motives to do so will not be sufficiently strong. But before the end of his political life Major Attlee will assuredly be involved in the anti-Semitic wave which is soon to sweep England.

MR. BALDWIN. The sealed lips that are so popular among contemporary cartoonists will not have a great deal to say in 1937. And what they do say will largely be fatuous or ineffectual. This sincere and attractive son of Britain has dallied too long on the political stage. Furthermore, his horoscope lacks the driving force of Mars. Rather does it express the characteristics of a perverse Jupiter. His appeal is to the orthodox, the wealthy and the conservative, but all these types will weary of his indecisiveness and his Neptunian idealism No, Mr. Baldwin will disappear from the political stage and at a time of National crisis. But before he does so the luck that is in his stars will assert itself, he will muddle through crisis after crisis. But in the end an inexorable Fate will overtake him. How often do public men outstay the welcome that the stars provide for them and the public give them!

It may be interesting to cast an Astrological eye over the leading political figures of to-day. In most cases more or less accurate birth data are available, hence Horoscopes may be erected and judgments made. From the Astrological point of view there is no question that the most interesting Horoscope possessed by a political figure of to-day is that of Mr. Winston Churchill. Some of our political leaders possess Horoscopes which are the very quintessence of the commonplace and the ineffective.

The present position is that the modern political leader usually attains his position through

  • (a) singular skill in enlisting the help and cultivating the friendship of already powerful figures;
  • (b) the possession of the type of brain more valuable to the careerist than to the statesman;
  • (c) a certain overshadowing "luck" which springs from his stars and not from his statesmanlike powers.

The Cabinet and the leading personalities in existing Parties are an astonishing selection of square pegs in round holes. Thus, if Astrological reasoning is to be trusted, Mr. Duff Cooper is infinitely more suitable for delicate diplomatic negotiations than for a Minister of War. Mr. Anthony Eden, that elegant and accomplished figure, should by right of his stars have to do with home political affairs and have nothing whatever to do with foreign relationships.

Mr. Herbert Morrison, Lord Swinton, Mr. MacDonald ( junior), Lord Hailsham, Lord Halifax, Mr. Runciman-all worthy souls-have not the mental or spiritual equipment suitable to their high offices. It is curious to reflect how often that something we call Chance enters into the lives and affairs of politicians.

Thus the worthy Mr. Baldwin owes his Premiership largely to a compromise between contending Parties at a critical stage in political history. Mr. Ramsay MacDonald in his early days became Secretary of the Labour Party through a mistake in identity. Mr. Anthony Eden owes much to an extremely able mother and an exceedingly lucky marriage. Posterity will judge as to his success as Foreign Secretary: his stars show no evidence thereof. On the contrary, they point to much contentious publicity centring on and around Mr. Eden and his work. By Astrological standards. Sir Samuel Hoare has one of the better types of political brains. He has not the gifts of Mr. Winston Churchill for the practical application of such gifts as he possesses. Another Astrologically convincing figure is Mr. Neville Chamberlain, who will probably ultimately outdistance certain colleagues who have an apter flair for publicity. The contemporary political figure possessing the luckiest stars of all (in the sense of conferring benevolently undiluted good fortune) is Sir Kingsley Wood; helped by the rays of kindly Venus, he will slide from triumph to triumph and he will somehow manage to avoid the whirlpools of scandal and opposition.

During this, the Coronation year, our Government will make attempts to grapple with the problems of the day, but will not be successful. Parliamentary Government will, in the eyes of the populace, sink lower and lower. It has already become something of a joke. The tragedy is that such a low valuation paves the way for un-English dictatorships. Thus, at a time when world problems are overshadowing England's very existence, Parliament gets busy with pettifogging Bills which matter very little to anybody except the fanatics who sponsor them. "Go and see what little Tommy is doing and make him stop it" seems, in the eyes of our present-day legislators a far more urgent and important mission than securing Britain's prestige at home and abroad.

WINSTON CHURCHILL. Without wearying my readers with an array of Astrological data, I can assure them that Mr. Winston Churchill is a man worth watching in these fateful days. Laying out before one the Horoscopes of leading political figures of to-day, one sees in Mr. Churchill's chart definite indication of outstanding ability. There are only two more cases among known politicians which exhibit the same plus-signs of ability.

In my opinion Mr. Winston Churchill will rise to great prominence and power. He will keep neither for a long period, for the life of this brilliant son of Mercury will be a series of episodes and not a coherent whole. But there is about him something that is akin to Mr. Lloyd George-the same effervescent brilliance flaming up and then dying down. Lastly, as I have suggested in other writings of mine, Mr. Winston Churchill is a literary journalist of the first order.

The next great crisis in British political life will be a struggle between two opposing factions who crystallize out of the present welter of uncertain and loosely-defined political parties. Neither of these great contending groups will openly avow any inclination to the extreme Left. Except in certain areas in Wales, the Liverpool area and the Tyne, Communism will be dead as the dodo. At the same time, future historians will see in its recent outcrop in Britain a most valuable though unintentional contribution to the political ideas of our time. Some of the "revolutionary" ideas of the Communists are logical necessities. For instance, it is a monstrous thing that in a world where there is more than enough food for everybody and more than enough room and building materials , that one human being should be starving or homeless. It is a monstrous thing that the liberties of the People should be maliciously curbed by the dead hand of Ecclesiasticism. It is a monstrous thing that a rich nation should spend more on fatuous official projects than it spends on hospitals, education and child welfare. We are now slowly awakening to all these verities, but it took agitators with a leftward tendency to awaken us.

To the student of the stars, all political parties, like the infinitely diverse types of human beings, have their uses. Each can contribute something useful to the Commonwealth. Each is equally dangerous if it comes into absolute power and can follow out its fanaticisms to their illogical ends. But the wise leader will take from each those factors which can safely be made to serve the times and the people.

To the student of human affairs, violent mutations in the political structure of a nation should not be a matter for alarm. Compare any organised community to a pendulum clock. If the clock is to keep in motion the pendulum must swing first to one side, then to the other. Similarly, if a State is to keep alive, the pendulum of public opinion and social order must of necessity swing to and fro.

Some of us who love peace and quietness might wish for the political pendulum to slow down and stop. Therein, one would have a State analogous to the village, the town or the nation where political argument had ceased and where the order of things had become fixed. But motion is life and fixity is death. The village, town or nation dwelling in complete internal peace and quietness would go through exactly the same process of deterioration as would overtake the clock with a static pendulum. There would be a long peaceful period until the forces of internal decay set in, and then gradual disintegration, rust and rot. The whole fabric would decay. Better than that contending political parties should strive more or less fiercely one against the other. Even a so-called Coalition Government is undesirable, for as history proved again and again, such a Government leads to eventual chaos

In studying the affairs of our own or any other nation, we must not therefore feel alarmed when bitter political strife develops. It should be remembered that a month, a year or a decade are merely incidents in the life of a nation. For instance, England passed through the Wars of the Commonwealth- and except for certain changes-remained very much the same England afterwards. An overseas war, an internal revolution, a national crisis, is not likely to change a race except in rare cases- such as the never-discovered disasters that blotted out the cities of Cambodia, the mysterious city states in central and southern America, the ruined kingdoms in central Asia, and other sites of forgotten tragedy.

Do not worry, therefore, if our country falls into the grip of political chaos. Take a larger and philosophical view if you are able. Twenty years fifty years or a century hence the same stars will still look down on the same country, inhabited by very much the same race but with a social order more or less improved. England will be a land more fit for optimists to live in, though in the meantime she may have passed through some pessimistic times.

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Election Notes Summer 1991

By Roger Elliot

The clearest proof of astrology must be the passage of Jupiter through the Fire signs. Every four years this headstrong influence plunges Britain into election fever. In 1987 it was Aries; in 1983 Sagittarius; in 1979 Leo. Now Jupiter in Leo is again posing the most fundamental philosophical questions of all: when will the Prime Minister go to the country - and will he win?

You think I'm kidding, but there's always a truth in the Holy Fool's blatherings. Yes, Jupiter in Fire comes every four years, and I picked it out of the blue to correspond with our quadrennial psephologising. Yet delving further, I discover that in practically every General Election since Labour came to prominence in the 1920s, Conservatives have increased their seats when Jupiter was in Fire or Air; while a swing to Labour has coincided with Jupiter in Earth or Water. Out of 17 elections the only exceptions are 1955 (when Jupiter was in Cancer, yet the Tories increased their majority) and February 1974 (when Labour won despite Jupiter in Aquarius). A bit of cheating is involved. The 1931 election of the National Government should really be declared a draw; but it took place with Jupiter in Leo, and historians would maintain it was effectively a Tory administration. And remember, Jupiter's placement does not promise victory to the masculine Tories or feminine Labourites - merely a swing in their direction.

So, John Major : Jupiter remains in Leo until 12th September 1991. Thereafter, until the natural termination of this Parliament, it lies in Labour-friendly Virgo. Delhi and (latterly) Washington, but has still to seep into the purlieus of Westminster.

Or has it? With my bouffant hair and charming manners you may think this entirely appropriate, but I believe 1 am the Joan Quigley of British politics. To a Labour MP friend I confided the view, several years ago, that Margaret Thatcher would no longer be Prime Minister by the end of 1989. On my unwitting word, he (and several of the Shadow Cabinet) placed the appropriate wagers with William Hill et al. - to no avail, as it happened, for the Iron Lady clung to power for another eleven months. Well, last Christmas, when the MP's family visited us, I opined that the new Prime Minister, well ahead in the polls at the time, would lose if he went to the country in June 1991, but win if he held off until 1992 (based simply on the charts of Major and Kinnock). This view, I learn later, went straight to the highest echelons of the Labour Party, and throughout this year Neil Kinnock and the whole Party machine has been resolutely demanding a general election now, this summer. John Major, meanwhile, is reported to have enjoyed a tete-a-tete with an American astrologer who told him, so he said later, "things that only I know about". Leaving aside the dispiriting news that this 'astrologer' asked to see his palm, it's clear that the mystic crafts may yet flourish in Whitehall. To this end, 1 am proposing an important motion at this year's York Conference, to wit: That this Conference calls upon Her Majesty's Government to appoint an official astrologer. It will be opposed by that perennial caviller Dennis Elwell. The fact that it will take place post-prandially on the Saturday evening should not imply that the speeches will be nothing but poor after-dinner jokes. There will be some good jokes, too. Strongly recommended.

Roger Elliot
25th June 1937 - 29th Sept 1993

If, God forbid, I should be offered this post of official astrologer, how would I advise the Prime Minister about election dates? Some years ago I made a statistical study of the 1983 and 1987 election results, looking at the horoscopes of every major candidate in all 650 constituencies and comparing them with the transits on the election nights. The results were intriguing. There were no obvious common transits to natal planets, but a number of natal midpoints were strongly activated. Winners, whatever their party, had an above-average tendency to enjoy Jupiter on their natal Uranus/Node midpoint ('good time to share ideas'). Jupiter also triggered the Saturn/Uranus midpoints of successful candidates ('urge to break out of a rut'). Among quicker planets it was desirable for winners not to have Venus on this Saturn/ Uranus midpoint or the Sun on the Pluto/Node midpoint ('separation from a group'). Given this data, which possible election dates would chime harmoniously with John Major's chart? I am drawn to 3rd October, when Jupiter is exactly square his Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini. Throughout September, when electioneering would be in full swing, Venus is almost stationary conjunct his Node and what's more, the transiting Node be roughly conjunct his putative Ascendant at 15° Capricorn. Both these contacts suggest a charismatic link with the electorate. If Major wishes to wait until 1992, he has a repeat performance of the Jupiter transit square to Saturn/Uranus in late April and early May. So my second suggestion to the Prime Minister would be 14th May 1992, with Mars close to his Sun and Mercury to his Venus. All further advice will be given in confidence to Downing Street, once my salary has been agreed.

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