In The Loop December 2016

Robert AndersonWelcome to the December issue of In The Loop.

The whole sign houses chart for the Winter Solstice is dominated by a powerful T-square. Jupiter in the 9th opposes Uranus in the 3rd. Both are squared by a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in the 12th.

In the UK and Europe we have the uncertainty generated by the UK's vote in favour of Brexit. In the USA and beyond there is anxious speculation about the unfolding impact of Donald Trump's election victory.

Some pundits characterize the above events as ordinary people giving a "massive up-yours" to the Establishment. Jupiter in Libra in the 9th could be the seemingly reasonable Establishment laying down the law to 'ordinary' people, while Uranus in the 3rd does feel like an unexpected, outspoken rebellion without much regard for consequences.

But what of the Mercury-Pluto conjunction? Might this represent the secret machinations of 'plutocrats' who arguably hold the balance of power in our increasingly globalized world?

With Venus rising in Aquarius, let us hope that voices promoting harmony and fairness do not go unheeded...

I hope you enjoy the December issue of In The Loop.

Robert Anderson

In The Loop Editor

Winter Solstice 2016Winter Solstice 2016