In The Loop November 2016

Welcome to the November issue of the new-look In The Loop. This is my first issue since re-joining the AA Board so I wanted to make it easier and more enjoyable for our members to read. Now, when you read the first paragraph of an article, the link to 'Read More' will take you to the article page on our website rather than continuing on a section further down the page of the newsletter. This is in response to requests from some members who disliked the old format.

This month we have a new section, 'AA News', in addition to three articles I hope you will enjoy. The first article this month is from former AA council member, Chris Mitchell entitled 'England's First Astrology Book?'. No, this is not about William Lilly, but about someone who lived five hundred years earlier. Read what Chris has to tell us about Roger of Hereford.

The Russian Archive in St. Petersburg contains over one hundred pages of hand-written manuscripts by the great seventeenth century astronomer and astrologer Johannes Kepler. With the help of the Sophia Centre, Russian astrologer Karine Dilanian has obtained scans of the documents which contain horoscopes and commentary by Kepler himself. I interviewed Karine in September of this year and she told me about the plans to publish the manuscripts. The second article, , contains a transcript of this interview.

Also in September this year, the Sophia Centre hosted the annual Archaeoastronomy conference, SEAC, in Bath. Well known Scottish astrologer, archaeoastronomer and AA member, Anna Estaroth, talks about her experience of SEAC 2016 and about archaeoastronomy.

I hope you enjoy the November issue of In The Loop.

Frances Clynes

In The Loop Editor