In The Loop August 2017

Francis ClyneWelcome to the August issue of In The Loop. With just a month until our 49th Annual Conference at Wyboston Lakes, this issue is devoted to the conference.

As regular conference attendees know, each conference is opened with the unveiling of the conference chart by the AA President. This year In the Loop readers are getting a sneak preview and, not only that, are treated to an overview of the chart by three top astrologers, each a specialist in a specific type of astrology. Read what Melanie Reinhart, Barbara Dunn and Dorian Greenbaum see in the 2017 Conference Chart.

On a clear day last February, AA Chair Wendy Stacey and I took a trip to Wyboston to meet with their event staff. As regular conference attendees will know, the breakfasts and lunches in Wyboston usually meet with everyone's approval, but the dinners have not always. Wendy and I met the event manager and the chef and agreed a new menu which we hope will meet everyone's approval. We were particularly concerned with the lack of options for vegetarian delegates, and we hope this year you will see huge improvements. Some details of what to expect can be found here.

Marilena Marino is the AA's new Student Rep. Go to the News page to find out more.

And finally, this month's free download is from last year's conference. Barbara Dunn, one of our 2017 chart interpreters, last year spoke on 'Medicinable or Mortal?' William Lilly, Simon Forman and the 'Prognostical part of Physick'. This is now yours to listen to as often as you like.

I look forward to seeing many of you the first weekend in September in Wyboston Lakes.

Frances Clynes

In The Loop Editor