In The Loop February 2017

Roy GillettWelcome to the February issue of In The Loop.

From a type-written first edition in 1959 to today's professional full-colour editions, The Astrological Journal has consistently published the highest quality of astrological information and interpretation.

Being a member of the Astrological Association not only provides you with six beautiful new editions each year, but also online access to the entire near to sixty-year collection. Whether you are new to the Journal or have been in its community for many years, this can be an enlightening experience. Erin Sullivan writes:

I have never gone to the Archives before, and I am seriously impressed with what AA has done to save all the journals . . . and more. Going back to so very many years . . . it was a journey into the past and many of us now gone, I enjoyed reading some of the bits, and some of it nostalgic.
It has been such a professional journal for as long as I have lived apparently! I myself remember collating and printing various journals in such primitive ways, letraset, gestetner and so on . . . I liked looking at that evolution as well.
Thank you so much for reminding me of that feature, and I found my article on "Proof of Life" Howard Sasportas' Heroic Journey for his family.
I also found all my book reviews therein . . . wonderful! . . . '
Thanks for all your good work, Cheers. Erin Sullivan

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I hope you enjoy the December issue of In The Loop.

Roy Gillett

In The Loop Editor

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