Local Astrology Group - Bedford

Continuing our occasional feature on the local astrology groups around Britain.

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This month we have reports from the Chair, Vice Chair, Programme Secretary, and a member of the Club who is also the Treasurer of the Bedford Astrology Club.

Bedford is a long running local astrology group, and is popular in the area. Anyone with an interest in astrology, whether they are a beginner or are already knowledgeable about astrology, is welcome to attend.

Report from the Chair - Teresa Bellmaine

The Bedford Astrology Club has been in existence for over 25 years and was set up by Brian Kelly. He taught many of us astrology at evening classes before inviting us to join the club. We meet every month on the second Friday evening of the month, and have a good attendance, at least 12 up to 20 plus every time.

Over the years we have had some very well-known speakers. Robert Zoller whilst doing his UK tour, Melanie Reinhart, Richard Swatton, Peta High, Adrian Ross-Duncan, & Alison Chester-Lambert to name a few. We have hosted weekend workshops and for over a year a group of us met all day on Sundays at each other's houses to learn Horary once a month. We have a Social/party in August when there is no meeting.

Vice Chair - Sue Fletcher

I have been a member for about 15 years. I feel fortunate to have the club here in Bedford as we have some great speakers coming to pass on their astrological knowledge to us. Speakers have included the astrologers already mentioned by Teresa, our Chair, plus people such as Phoebe Wyss and Richard Swatton. Richard has done one day workshops for the Club, and is always very informative and happy to pass on his astrological wisdom to us all.

Most of our members travel to us from nearby towns, some of them travelling up to 25 miles. I myself am very lucky as I live a couple of miles from the Club. We try to keep the fees low so that Club members get value for their membership. A couple of times a year a Club member, including myself, will do a talk for the club. We have an astrological library so members can borrow astrology books. We have been on trips occasionally to other Clubs and also to the theatre in London when there was an astrological play about the Saturn Return.

We always welcome new members to the club.

Programme Secretary - Jaswinder Challi

I first became interested in astrology when I was 14 as I began to read some books that my father had brought back from India. These were mainly on Sun signs and planets in signs and houses. Once I got to know my natal planets I lost interest as there was no one to take me forward to the next level.

During my Saturn return and Pluto coming to transit my ascendant, a very difficult time for me with so many changes and feeling quite suicidal, lonely and frustrated with it all, I then came across Brian Kelly's classes. At first I went along because it was a social learning and hobby. However, when I constructed my chart and began to learn about the transits that were occurring it really helped me to accept that this was a journey of my soul and I had to live through it all no matter how tough it got. My tutor at the time, Brian Kelly, was very supportive and I felt a lot of empathy which was a great contribution to me moving forward and dealing with things.

I continued with my classes and joined the Club, in which I have been very active for a very long time (since the 90's). I am now a committee member with the role of Programme Secretary where I book the speakers and send out the newsletter. For me it has been very important to support the Club.

I believe that the insight into the astrological influences helped me to cope with extremely trying times in my life. Without this understanding, I could have given up. Being able to understand my strengths have allowed me to achieve my potential in so many ways and where I am in life now - as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist - I am so glad that I lived through my experiences which are now a great source of support for others.

For further details about the Club, please contact Jaswinder on jaschalli@yahoo.co.uk

Carol Brown - member of the Club, and Treasurer

I have been going to the Club for over 20 years (doesn't time fly!) and have been Treasurer for about 15 years. I travel from Stevenage so have a bit of a journey but it's worth it every month to meet with like-minded people. I also feel motivated after a meeting to do some astrology/research. We are a well-established Club, and have met in several places around Bedford, before our current location at St Marks Community Centre. As you know we meet once a month on 2nd Friday of the month, apart from August in which we have for the last couple of years met round at Teresa's house for more of a social get together, which inevitably involves some talk around astrology!

We have a mixture of speakers and workshops at our meetings, sometimes club members will take a meeting, We have a good core of members (like myself) who have been coming for some time, as well as attracting some newer faces. Occasionally we organise a group outing, and we sometimes have an all day workshop as well. Usually at our Christmas meeting we have a bit of a party atmosphere, with no charge for attendance but everyone brings some food and drink to share.

We like to think we're a friendly bunch, but the club definitely has a Scorpio theme with topics on sex and death being particularly well supported! Many members have Scorpio rising, Sun in Scorpio, or other prominent Scorpio connection!

Our Club chart's details are 7/11/86, time: 19:30, Bedford Click here to see our foundation chart.