Conference 2022 – Itinerary


Morning 10.00 – 12.30 CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Wade Caves – Mapping the Great Circles. The charts we read are the result of mapping multiple circles in the sky, moving at their own pace and in their own direction. In this workshop, we will visually explore the great circles of earth and sky. Join as a prologue to the afternoon workshop, or as a standalone.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Alexander Kolesnikov – Declination as a Source of Vital Astrological Information

The use of declination can provide crucial insights in many different branches of astrology: natal, synastry, forecasting, mundane. There are even methods of forecasting based purely on declination. At the workshop, we’ll explore several possibilities, using practical examples, and establish an approach that will allow us to use the knowledge of declination most productively. 

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Wanda Sellar – Medical Astrology

This workshop will give an easy overview of the planets, signs and houses from a medical perspective which will lead the student/astrologer into the chart hopefully in a new and different way.  We shall also look at the psychological underlay to areas of the body when illness strikes on whichever level.

Afternoon 14.00 – 16.30 CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Wade Caves – Locating the Houses. Technological advances have made the table of houses a rare sight on an astrologer’s bookshelf. This workshop provides a no-nonsense guide to the astronomy of house division, with demonstrations of calculations shown for ecliptic, time, and space-based systems. Join as a follow-up to the morning workshop, or as a standalone.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Gemini Brett – Ancient Astrology and Astro*Carto*Graphy

Something old and something new. Gemini will take you on a quick tour of ancient accidental considerations like sect, rejoicing, triplicity, and phasis then show you new ways to use A*C*G maps to find your most dignified places. This workshop will include a scavenger hunt at a free map so you can play along.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Dr Will Morris – Cycles and Signs: Integrating Astrology and Medicine

We situate astrology with medicine. In service, we explore cycles and signs, confirming the connections. Mars suggests heat. How to verify that with visible cues? We address Culpeper’s incongruent applications of plants with planets, correlating plant cycles with treatment strategies and human development.




Victor Olliver
– Draconic astrology synastry: ‘Why I married my ultimate nightmare’
It can happen to anyone – you get hitched to someone who makes your life hell. Depp vs Heard. Taylor vs Burton. Jolie vs Pitt. And more. Draconic synastry discovers the soul-purpose reasons why two people hurtle into what turns out to be an abyss of vitriol. Prepare for strong language.


Angela Cornish
– The Wonderful Synchronous Universe
We are on the threshold of a new era with the Pluto ingress into Aquarius and, although we understand that no cycle operates in isolation, by taking a look back can we gain any insight as to what we can hope for in the future?  Drawing upon facts, myths, archetypes and the tarot, Angela follows a historical thread from past events to future potentials.



Announcement of the Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology


10.00 – 11.00 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Luz Peuscovich – Sky embodiment and journey through the fixed stars
Back to the origin, to physically look at the visible sky. This is an experiment based on the stories of the stars as the stories of the human unconscious, of the battles for territory, and the final naming of what we call fixed stars. Every astrologer should have a more conscious connection with the visible sky, following not only the planetary rhythms, but also the celestial seasons that mark the constellations. The stars also generate energy, they are other suns, which from very far away can be great signifiers in natal charts.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Miłosława Krogulska – Happy family, safe home – The Moon and IC as family patterns
In troubled times, we need a secure home. During the lecture Miłosława will focus on the recognising the quality of places, decorating the home, and promoting appropriate behaviour. We will also take advantage of the possibilities offered by the local space technique in relation to living spaces.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Faye Blake – Why would you go there?
Astrolocality often focuses on individual planets – e.g., Venus for finding a partner. We sometimes forget that our entire horoscope joins us when we relocate. These techniques provide powerful tools for healing when we consciously choose to visit places where specific planetary energies are increased or decreased.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Sheila Roher – Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung: in search of Science with Soul, or Two Guys shooting for the Moon
Since Descartes, the Western world split matter from soul. Nobel-winning quantum physicist Pauli and Jung collaborated, seeking to bridge psyche and matter via synchronicity, dreams and alchemy. An astrological look at their efforts offers clues for the 21st century including, perhaps, our role as astrologers.

11.15 – 12.15 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Julija Simas – Working with Saros Cycles
Each eclipse belongs to a family, called a Saros Family connecting a profound 18-year, 11 day and 6 hour cycle. In this session we learn the principles of Saros cycles what they are, how they move, how to find the Saros family you were born into, as well as finding purpose and guidance for your Saros family’s origin eclipse, then learning how to use them throughout your lifetime and with your astrology and that of clients.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Geoffrey Cornelius – Nought but Shows
‘The stars in secret influence comment’ – Shakespeare’s depiction of our art unbinds the knot of determinism and its wicked brother fatalism. An introduction to the poetic and rhetorical foundations of astrology, demonstrable in all its branches, natal, horary and mundane.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Paul Mayo – Pisces – The Sign that always wins in the end!
The 1917 chart for the origins of the Russian revolution shows the 2022 transiting Jupiter (thunderbolt) conjunct Neptune (earthquakes), exactly on the natal Descendant – symbolising the burgeoning ‘enemies of the revolution’. Like many individuals, President Putin underestimates the abrasive power of Pisces, even when untenanted by both its Lords!

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Deborah Jean Worthington – Thinking, Feeling, Willing
The threefold vision is one of the foundations of Anthroposophy. In psychic life, it manifests itself in thinking, feeling and willing. Let us understand, from Rudolf Steiner’s perspective, how the cosmos is reflected on the chart and how it can be integrated such principles into astrological practice.

12.30 – 13.30 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Deborah Houlding – The Sign, the Whole Sign and Nothing But the Sign – Really?
According to the Co-Star App, “The Whole Sign house system is the oldest form of house division and remained the preferred method of determining houses for about a thousand years after its inception.” Is this really so? How did a ‘system’ which had no name or recognition in any well-known historical accounts of the various methods of house division, spread from zero to hero in only 30 years?

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Smiljana Gavrančić – 2022 & The Memory of Trojan War; What Is Going To Be Trojan Horse Of Our Modern Time?
Helen Of Troy, one of the most beautiful women had Venus at 27º Pisces. Venus, born from Uranus’ blood, daughter of Revolution, exalts at 27º Pisces. At 27º Pisces asteroid Helen was discovered. The US Civil War started at 27º Pisces. The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happened with Moon’s placement at 27º Pisces. The US Election 2024 will be with progressed Moon at 27º Pisces. This talk will discuss more…

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Daniel Sowelu – Reclaiming the Sacred “Dark” Feminine in Astrology
Underneath the frightening and often distorted faces of the “Dark Goddesses”, lies fierce spiritual warriors full of great beauty, love, transformational and tantric power. Daniel will share many years of experience working with these goddesses, their gifts and their distortions, astrologically, therapeutically and spiritually.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Gaurav Vadehra – Boon or Bane
Exaltations of five planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn in Vedic Astrology classics is mentioned as Panch Maha Purush Yoga meaning placement, which confers a person with great personality, name and fame in special conditions. Exaltations show great strength of a planet but are these exaltations actually a boon or a bane?

13.45 – 14.45 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Shawn Nygaard  – Astrology, Fairy Tales, and Aquarian Times
As reflections of psychic reality, fairy tales express the full dynamic range of the soul’s inherent, archetypal complexity – the same complexity reflected in an astrological chart. Let’s explore how fairy tale imagery aligns with the planets, signs, houses, and aspects familiar to us all.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Mari Garcia – Air Time
As the world faces a new 200-year period of Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions in Air signs, what can we anticipate in terms of social, cultural and technological developments? Saturn will be a dominant force as two of the three air signs are his rulership and exaltation. Are we ready?

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Wade Caves – Finding Fortuna: A Technical Mirroring of the Mind
The Hellenistic tradition bifurcated early in its codification, one track following Dorotheus and the other his younger contemporary, Ptolemy. The key drivers of the split converge in a single issue: whether to reverse the Lot of Fortune for nocturnal charts. The path you choose does matter, perhaps in ways you hadn’t considered.

15.00 – 16.00 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Stormie Grace – Levelling up in emotional accountability and responsibility. Meeting and shaping life through the needle and progressed lunar phases.
When we ask the question “Where do we go from here?” at a time when the direction of societies may not be clear, taking control, being accountable, and taking responsibility for our own lives is energy we can rely on. Being accountable for what we are available to give, receive, and create, and when we need to rest can be seen in the needle and progressed lunar phases. Let’s explore these phases and how to establish timing that’s honest and accountable for the energy we have to give.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Patricia Walsh – Pluto in Aquarius – A Brave New World?
Pluto continues its social renovation project, as the past and the future collide throughout 2023-24, during its transit through the last degrees of Capricorn into Aquarius. Each archetype has a broad spectrum of meaning and can manifest in myriad ways. Patricia will highlight some potential manifestations, from the shadow to the light and how we might prepare ourselves to ‘expect the unexpected’.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Alphee Lavoie – How to Find Lost Articles
Alphee will explain step-by-step using horary how to locate a lost item and show how to lead your client to the lost object, all based on his book Lose This Book and Find It with Horary. This book is regarded as the Bible of Horary by professional astrologers all over the world.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Nina Gryphon – Astrological Magic for Neophytes
Ancient astrologers left us guidance for harnessing celestial energies by making planetary talismans. We will learn about the magical attributes of the visible planets and their special gifts, as well as techniques to remediate and alleviate difficult planetary periods. Astrology helps us diagnose the problem, and magic gives the remedy.

16.15 – 17.15 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

 ZOOM ROOM 1 – Dr Michael J. Morris – Feminist Astrology: Engaging Ancient Traditions with Feminist Thought
How can astrology contribute to feminist movements resisting domination, exploitation, and oppression? What possibilities are enabled through making tradition questionable? In this talk, Michael will explore ways in which feminist thought can intervene in our understanding of traditional significations attributed to the planets and the archetypal principles they can describe.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Komilla Sutton – Saturn’s Wisdom and challenges for the future
Saturn is the planet of karma, he has an important role to deal with what we are dealing with now and how our future pans out. We can learn about the Vedic astrology view of Saturn and his guidance on how we deal with it now and in the future. Understanding his message is key to how well we move forward. Komilla will explain Saturn’s impact and how we deal with his impact. Simple and practical Vedic Astrology remedies for Saturn.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Christopher Warnock – Astrological Magic – Revival, Theory and Practice
Here, Christopher explains his role in the current revival of traditional astrological magic and discusses astrological magic theory and practice. Astrological magic is uniquely liminal in combining ritual and ceremonial magic with astrological electional timing.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Christopher Renstrom – Where Does it Hurt? The Astrology of Chiron
Chiron in a chart describes the wound you can heal in others but cannot heal in yourself. The lecture unpacks the myth of Chiron in light of a chronic pain – be it emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual – that is never relieved and how one learns to cope with it. We’ll also examine Chiron through the signs and how the planet that rules that sign dictates how Chiron interacts with the rest of the horoscope.

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10.00 – 11.00 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Rod Suskin – Dream Interpretation with Astrology
Dreams have been a fascination of the human mind even longer than astrology, so it is little surprise the ancients developed astrological techniques to identify when dreams were ‘true’ and what they meant. This lecture explores the simple but thorough methods and shows how they can be used to help someone get the message of their dream and do something about it.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Alan ClayDeepening our Connection to Source
Haumea in the Houses. The higher octave of Neptune in our daily lives. New outer planets represent new possibilities and where the discovery of Neptune heralded the beginning of a New Age of spirituality, the discovery of Haumea deepens our psychic connection to source.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Rumen Kirilov Kolev – Karl Ernst Krafft and Adolf Hitler: The Famous Prediction
In 1939 Krafft predicted an assassination attempt on Hitler’s life with exactness of three days which turned out to be correct! How did he do it? This talk looks at the full reconstruction.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Izabela Podlaska-Konkel – Astrocartography – right place, right time
Astrocartography gives us a map of important places in our lives. During the lecture Izabela  will focus on a less recognised aspect of astrocartography, the recognition of time linked to the map. If you want to know not only where, but also when, then come to this talk!

11.15 – 12.15 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Zeynep Özlem Yalçın – Annual Profections and Solar Returns
Zeynep will explain to determine which house topic and annual profected time lord become activated in the native’s life for better or worse during their annual term. The webinar will include analysing annual profections with solar return charts and transits to clarify the potential of your time lord that year.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Alan Annand – Mutual Reception
Using traditional rulerships, 43% of horoscopes contain a planetary exchange. But rather than blend the natures of the planets involved, as some think, mutual reception creates a vital relationship between two houses owned and occupied by the planetary pair. There are 66 possible combinations, some with positive outcomes, some negative.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Kirk LittleUSA Pluto Return: America at a Cultural Crossroads
We will explore the Sibly map with special reference to the politics of race and sex, focusing on slavery, reparations and the recent overturning of the Roe v Wade decision ending legal abortion.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Stefanie James – Archetypes Reimagined for the Digital Era
Content consumption has evolved into bingeing seasons of our favourite shows to high-quality cinematic experiences in the comfort of our own homes. However, ancestral stories echoing through the collective unconscious never change. In this talk Stefanie explores ancient and familiar tales in film and TV, as modern mythological archetypes.

 12.30 – 13.30 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Alexander Kolesnikov – Heliocentric Astrology: Seeing the Essence
Heliocentric astrology can offer a major insight into the lives of people and the essence of events by showing them from the viewpoint of the Creator. It can also be used in combination with the traditional geocentric astrology, and it complements it very nicely.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Lisa Stockley – Jupiter; the journey towards meaning
The last two years have brought challenge and restriction but also opportunities for growth. This talk considers Jupiter’s journey through the final quadrant of the zodiac and into a new cycle. What can the “Great Benefic” teach us about individual and collective growth and the search for meaning as we navigate these transformative times?

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Dr Yubraj Sharma – Esoteric history of the earth and solar system
Yubraj will give a profile of the root races and cultural epochs of earth history from the perspective of Theosophy/Anthroposophy, and how this correlates with precession cycles and esoteric indications for the future of the world and humanity. We will look at how the esoteric history of the solar system explains the origins of the planets.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Aidan Foster An Exploration of Finland’s Sampo, from an Astrological Perspective
Recently, Finland has made world news by declaring her intention to relinquish her neutral status by joining NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).  This talk looks at this important development, through the workings of the Sampo, a mythic device akin to a kiln, described in the Finnish epic ‘The Kalevala’.

 13.45 – 14.45 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

 ZOOM ROOM 1 – Israel Ajose – Circumambulations
Circumambulations comes from a Greek root word which means to walk around. It is another time lord system whereby a number of certain planets point towards the unfolding promise with various chapters of life in the natal chart. It is said that during the heights of traditional Hellenistic astrological practices, it was one of the first to be viewed amongst the hierarchical predictive time lord systems. Circumambulations were used alongside an essential dignity known as “bounds” or “terms”. Circumambulations through the bounds then gives us a lens to scope the divisions and chapters of fortunate and challenging periods during our lives or the chart of the native. Circumambulations create and established a great base line for also interpreting other predictive techniques such as transits, solar returns, progressions, profections, and zodiacal releasing.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Anne C. Schneider – The Darker Side of the Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction
We currently experience a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, that brings not only love, faith, care and mystical experiences. This constellation includes also some negative traits: excess, boundlessness, illusiveness and fraud. We look at some interesting natal and mundane charts reflecting the darker sides of the conjunction, e.g., in the world of finance and the Vatican.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Fernanda Paiva – The Varieties of Astrological Experience: The Client’s Perspective.
Talk two Information: As astrologers we know the power that working with astrology can have. But what about the clients, is their experience of astrology as powerful? In this talk, I will present the results of my masters’ dissertation for the University of Wales, interviewing astrology clients about their experience of astrology through their own eyes.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Sue Kientz – Next Stop to Illumination: Eris, Pluto’s Antidote and Guide to a Friendlier Future
With Eris as big as Pluto, she has the savvy and gumption to resolve deep-seated, egocentric life and relationship issues. Either as Connector or Deflector, Eris tests one’s social cred. Using chart examples of the famous (the good, bad, and strangely interesting), you’ll see why your charts need Eris.

15.00 – 16.00 – CHOOSE BETWEEN:

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Maurice Fernandez – Neptune/Saturn on the Aries point – 2025
From the 1952 conjunction in Libra, to the 1989 conjunction in Capricorn, the next Neptune/Saturn cycle begins at 0 Aries, promising monumental changes on a personal and collective level. Maurice will explore the meanings and the reasons why this particular cycle is unique.

ZOOM ROOM 2 – Drew Levanti – Saturn: Chains, Bonds, Beloveds
Saturn is said to bind. Indeed, the great ringed Titan binds us to realities of time and space, just as he binds us to the Earth, and to each other. This talk draws on mythology, Orphism, Renaissance natural philosophy, and material studies to reflect on Saturn in an ecological dimension.

ZOOM ROOM 3 – Samuel F. Reynolds – Getting past the Bendings
Learn more about what the “bendings” at the lunar nodes can mean in a natal chart and how to work with the north and south bendings for each of the ten contemporary astrological planets and Chiron.

ZOOM ROOM 4 – Mychal A. Bryan – Love & Divorce in the Natal Promise
We will explore love and divorce through Astrology. We’ll look at charts of happy marriages, toxic marriages, divorces, and natal charts that show clear patterns of major events within this area of life. You’ll learn a concrete way of identifying major love events and how to prepare for them.

16.15 – 17.15 CLOSING PLENARY 

ZOOM ROOM 1 – Darby Costello – From Crisis to Maturity – We Hope…
Through our modern technology, webbed up across the world, we can now see ourselves as one species amongst many others and we can recognize ourselves as a rather adolescent species amongst other very ancient species. With Pluto going into Aquarius, it is time to take responsibility for our transformation and maturation. 

Note all times are in UK time (BST – GMT/UT +1) check for your time zone

Recordings for workshops and talks will be available for 28 days

Programme subject to change