Local Astrology Groups

For queries, or to add your group, contact the Local Group co-ordinator Christine Chalklin

Local Astrology Groups

There are many local astrology groups throughout the UK and Ireland, run by enthusiastic organisers who work hard to promote astrology. Most local groups host events and talks at very low cost in their local area, and some run classes – local groups are the lifeblood of astrology, and in many cases are the main means by which astrology enthusiasts in an area get to know each other, and hone their astrology skills.

The Astrological Association encourages and supports local groups, by offering free listings in the Events Calendar, having a Facebook group dedicated to local groups, and sometimes organising events in conjunction with local groups.

Covid-19 presented a major challenge to local astrology groups, as it has been impossible to meet in person. However, local groups have responded brilliantly to the challenge – most are now meeting online via Zoom. Local groups have always welcomed visitors, and being online means that you can attend a local group meeting even if it’s nowhere near where you live – so this is a great opportunity to get to lots of talks! Many groups have decided that once the pandemic is over, they will continue to hold online meetings as well as in-person ones, as this way they can reach a wider audience.

If you’re looking for a local astrology group…

Check out our Map and Listings page, which will show you a map of the UK and Ireland, with local groups highlighted. Underneath the map is a list of groups by name, with contact details. Most local groups have their own websites or Facebook pages.

Join our UK and Ireland Local Astrology Groups Facebook group. This is managed by the Astrological Association, and we encourage groups to publicise their events on this group, so this is often the most up to date way of seeing what talks and events are coming up.

As most local groups are currently online, you’re not restricted to looking for a group in your local area – if you live in Scotland but a talk in Exeter takes your fancy, don’t be shy about signing up for the talk. Local group talks are either free or very low cost, and all local groups welcome anyone interested in astrology – indeed, many local groups are getting people and speakers from all over the world joining in. Local groups have become international groups!

If you run a local group or want to set one up…

Please drop our local groups co-ordinator, Christine Chalklin, an email at groups@astrologicalassociation.com who will add your group and contact details to our map and listings. We’ll also keep in touch with you via an email newsletter, letting you know what we’re doing for local groups.

The Astrological Association also runs quarterly online Zoom meetings for local group co-ordinators to get together and discuss ideas and get to know each other – you’re very welcome to come along to these if you’re involved with running a group, or just fancy setting a group up in your area.

For further details on how the AA can help you support and promote your local group, check out our Local Group Co-ordinators page.

If you’re a speaker who would like to give a talk to a local group…

Contact our local groups co-ordinator, Christine Chalklin, groups@astrologicalassociation.com, who will add you to our Speakers’ List. Please include your contact details, where you are based, whether you are happy to give talks online, and what your specialist areas in astrology are.

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