News From Local Astrology Groups In The UK

After the first shock of the end of March Lockdown, local astrology groups all over the UK decided they would not be beaten as some of them started organising their group meetings on Zoom. This switch has made an incredible difference to local groups as they are not so local any more! Listeners and Speakers from all over the world can now join in. This has turned out to be one of the silver linings to come out of these difficult and challenging times.

Wendy, Chris and myself thought it would be helpful to host a zoom meeting for the group co-ordinators. Our first meeting had an amazing turnout, with 27 people coming along from all parts of the UK, Ireland and even Spain and Malta. Our aim was to see whether their local group had explored going online, how they’re approaching it, what they’d like to learn from these meetings – and most importantly, how the AA can help and support them.

Many of the groups were already forging ahead with their meetings, but others had no idea how to start online meetings, or how to use Zoom. Chris and Wendy have kindly offered to assist any group with their expertise. The Astrological Association has decided to offer the use of a zoom account to any group who doesn’t already have one, at a small charge. Another question under discussion is how and what to charge for each meeting. Several groups already had good systems in place and offered welcome advice and support on these issues.

We have also suggested that all the groups that haven’t already, have a website and open a Facebook page. We also encouraged all groups to post their talks and events on the UK and Ireland Local Astrology Groups page on Facebook. In the meantime we have held a second online meeting, also with a great turnout. We are planning on hosting meetings like these on a regular basis, probably every three months or so.

It’s all systems go with the now “international” local groups!

With best wishes for the future of Astrology
Christine Chalklin
AA local groups co-ordinator

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