Website Upgrade News

The Astrological Association is pleased to announce many improvements to its website. Although what you see may not appear that different at first, over the past year or more Association volunteers have worked on the site's background design together with expert web programmers to provide a more efficient and wide ranging service to members and visitors. The following features are now available:

Automatic Registration

Your online enrolment is automatically recorded and password details emailed. Via Members' Login, this allows access to a new portal, where you can see your orders and click on Account, to change your details and reset your password. You will be automatically reminded and invited to renew a few weeks before and also at expiry.

Crucially it is here that you can also access the Digital Archives described below.

Digital Archives

digital archive image Astrological Journal Archive from 1959 We now have a complete viewable online PDF archive of the Astrological Journal. Just click the members' login and follow the instructions to read anything written by expert astrologers in our quarterly or bi-monthly Journals over for well over 50 years.

Transit Archive from 1971 We now have a complete viewable online PDF archive of Transit Newsletter, with lots of topical news and data.

Correlation Journal from 1968 Subscribers can now trace the developments and challenging discussions regarding the nature and success of astrological research over nearly 50 years.

Astrology and Medical Newsletter Subscribers can now read every issue published since the first in 1986.

AA Chart Database The electronic version of one of the earliest collections, painstakingly recorded on a manual card index by David Fisher, has been migrated into an advanced editing system. Volunteers are now copying correct rating and background notes from the cards to the online records. We also plan to add new data from The Astrological Journal and contemporary news items. To search the database, click the Charts tab, when in the Members' Portal.

Click here if you wish to help us with this exciting project

Future Plans Our Librarian, Trudie Charles, is organising the scanning of precious out of print older books to make them available too.

Teething problems (!!)

However hard one tests new programmes, problems can show themselves as more and more people start using them on all kinds of systems. So please report any issues to It would be helpful if you can include, if possible, details of the browser, operating system and device (desktop PC, tablet etc) you were using.