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Val Dobson

Thank you, Val Dobson!

Val has spent many years working behind the scenes for the Astrological Association, helping to set up and maintain our website and keeping the events

2021 Supermoons

Tonight we can observe the first of 2 supermoons in 2021, the first being on April 27th and the second on May 26th. Today we

Super Bowl prediction

Super Bowl prediction Here’s an astrological feature from CBS News asking an astrologer to predict the winning Super Bowl team. In the event the Tampa

Astrology in the Guardian

Astrology in the Guardian Well, there’s a thing… The Guardian is normally very anti-astrology, but this bit was quite telling: I’ve never heard such gibberish.

Is there life on Venus?

Is there life on Venus? An article published in Nature Astronomy on Monday has led to much speculation about the presence of life on Venus,

Astrology – fake news?

Astrology – Fake News? Should astrology be treated as fake news? Will newspapers and magazines carry horoscope columns for much longer? There’s an interesting article

New Event – A Day on Harmonics

A Day on Harmonics Celebrating the Urania Trust’s 50th Birthday and the life and works of Charles Harvey An introduction from Urania Trust Chair Jonathan

AA Conference 2020 to be held online

Conference 2020 The 52nd Annual Conference of the Astrological Association: Serving The Future The Astrological Association’s 52nd annual conference, to be held Friday 26-28 June