Answering the Latest Media Attack on Astrology

(First published 2003)

Here is a balanced response to the recent media fuss concerning the announcement to the world by Geoffrey Dean and his new associate "Ivan W Kelly" that there is "new" research "showing" astrology is not "true".

Below is a brief background of how initial article was handled by the Sunday Telegraph. After that are links to two excellent pieces that answer and put the Dean / Kelly claims in perspective in very contrasting ways, plus information on how you can download the Dean / Kelly article free-of-charge.


Why the Science Desk of the Sunday Telegraph did not notice its limitations and were in such a rush to report what was essentially a new summary of very old material is interesting question to ask - especially when one knows a little of how the article came to be published. They contacted astrologers in the middle of the week, a few days before publication, inviting comment on a 34 page article, which they were unable to provide copies of.

Fortunately Frank McGillion had read the research summary and, although Roy was overseas, he was able to email a general statement about Geoffrey Dean's previous work. Both their comments were reported extremely briefly and given far less space than other material irrelevant to the research, which Robert Matthew, the reporter, advises was added after he submitted his copy.

This article was re-published prominently in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and we suspect other countries. It was reported extensively in UK.

If the Sunday Telegraph had allowed reasonable time to both sides, a sensible debate could have ensued. As it is, all most people will read is "astrology is not true"!!

What to do next

1) Read the articles and Frank's and Jonathan's replies

Dr Frank McGillion has very kindly found the time (just before his annual holiday) to write three pages of detailed academic criticism of the highest standard. These show that conceptually, structurally and in detail the Dean / Kelly ideas on astrology and their highly-selective supporting research are essentially flawed and well below expected academic standards

Click here to read Dr McGillion's article

Jonathan Cainer wrote a response in his column in the Daily Mirror on Monday 18th August, the day after the Sunday Telegraph article was published. In his clean-clear immediate style he makes several important scientific points about the limitations of the conceptual foundation and research procedures of the Dean / Kelly article.

Click here to read Jonathan Cainer's article

The The Dean / Kelly 34 Page article is available in Acrobat PDF format for free free from the link below:

Click here to go to the Dean / Kelly article (published in the Journal of Consciousness Studies, 10, No. 6-7, 2003, pp. 175-198)

You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to see the file. You can downlod the reader free by clicking here.

2) Every time this happens, it provides a chance to explain how astrology works to more people. So talk to friends and associates who mention the article and communicate with the media. Use your own ideas and Frank's and Jonathan's information.

The Dean / Kelly article is dressed up to appear scholarly and important, but their ideas are as useful and valid as the "emperor's new clothes" in Anderson's fairy tale. Like Don Quixote that are tilting at windmills, self-created from their own tortured imagination . (Maarit Laurento has just emailed from Finland to advise that both Geoffrey Dean and Richard Dawkins have Moon in Pisces opposed Neptune in Virgo natally!) Ironically, it was such defensively closed mindsets that persecuted Galileo (a father of modern science!!). Now similar ungrounded fears deny astrology an even-handed debate.

If you agree and act now, we can create a fair environment in which astrology can be properly used to greatly benefit the coming century.

Even more important. The recent media fuss shows why it is so vital to change the Independent Television Commission code. If it is not changed, CSICOPS, or its sympathizers, will have the right to answer every serious astrologer, who appears on television. If you have not already, please click the button below learn more, read and act on this right away.

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