Misrepresentation of Astrology

Recently a group of astronomers in Minnesota, USA have received much publicity by announcing that many people have different Sun Signs and other planetary positions due to the precession of the equinoxes. Below is a brief explanation of the main facts that show astrologers have always known this information and how they use it.

To study the heavens from the Earth, we project from the Earth to infinty to form a Celestrial Sphere. This is divided into twelve segments like the pieces of an orange. These are the signs of the zodiac named after the constellations of the star groups nearest to them at the time of the tropical zodiac's origin. However, this system is not saying the star groups themselves "do anything", they are just used for naming. It is the elements of the frame projected from the Earth that makes the important differences. These are the signs of the zodiac that astrologers refer to.

If the Earth was perpendicular on its axis, these would always stay the same each year. Because it is tilted, the actual sign appears to move backwards making a complete cycle in nearly 26,000 years, staying in each sign for approximaltely 2,160 years.

Indian astrologers make yearly adjustments to allow for this. Most western astrologers do not. Both methods are valid, because in a fundamental sense, each year the Earth is in the same relation to the heavens as whole, it is just our perspective that is subtlely adjusting. (Compare using mirrors to make an object appear invisible.)

Most astrologers use this discrepency between the Tropical (fixed) and Sidereal (changing) zodiacs to explain epoch changes. EG The Classical Age of Aries (Aries appeared as Aries), the Christian Age of Pisces (Aries appeared as Pisces) from the 3rd century CE and the approaching age of Aquarius (Aries will appear as Aquarius) in the coming centuries.

Deborah Houlding has written a brilliant answer to both the Minnesota and Cox criticisms. We encourage you to visit her website. Also pass the link on to as many people as you can. It really does put the distortions of those who claim to be experts in the perspective. Astrologers, it seems, are the people who really know how this part of the heavens work.

What can you do?

Link to Petition Page The Association is at present collecting the names and email address of all who wish make known their objectijons to the misrepresentation of astrology by astronomers and especially on the BBC. Register your dissatisfaction with these comments.