Review of the 43rd Annual Conference -
Astrology in the Real World

An atmosphere of positive excitement, enjoyment and the exchange of high quality astrological information was a constant presence at this year’s Conference. Attendance at sessions was high and personal meetings and interactions in the breaks between them friendly and rewarding.

Bernard Eccles was the highly popular recipient of the Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. In her Carter Memorial Lecture, Wendy Stacey’s study of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction generation was broad, informative and full of valuable insights for today.

Five American speakers (Robert Corre, Jodi Forrest, Bruce Scofield, Dorothy Oja and Liane Thomas Wade) thrilled us with their insights, while many more exceptional presentations packed the lecture rooms.

Six first time delegates from Norway wrote they plan to return next year, many others sent emails, cards and letters of appreciation:

‘I thought the range of topics and choice of talks was excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the ones I listened to.  I thought the facilities at the centre were great and the food very good indeed, especially the veggie option which was a pleasure to eat (not always the case when you go to events of this kind). ‘

'I thought the conference was brilliant - I was really impressed!It's also amazing to have such a friendly atmosphere at such a prestigious and high quality event’

'On behalf of us all in the Norwegian delegation we want to express a very satisfied feedback to you. You are doing a big and wonderful job! We were very much happy about everything, accomodation, food, nice people, the organising of it all. Excellent lectures- adding to have the option to choose between them..!  To attend an astrological event in such format gives us a supportive attitude to what astrology is and can be to many, on a high level as well.This is of great value for us, as well.
We surely want to come back next year, hopefully with even more delegates.'

The Conference Dinner and food throughout the weekend was appreciated by vegetarians and “non-veggies” alike and the venue comfortable and welcoming. Bottles of “bubbly” were won by Melanie Reinhart, as Robin Hood, and a strangely seductive black-dressed lady with white skeletal hands, who was covered by numerous £50 notes. It was that kind of conference!

Rainbow over Wyboston on Saturday night