Diamonds in the Sky - the Astrological Association's 50th annual conference

The 2018 Conference - Online

If you can't get to this year's anniversary conference, join us online. One conference track and Ray Merriman's Friday Workshop will be streamed live and you can book below. Book the Merriman workshop and get the Friday evening talks free!

NOTE: Booking for the online Conference is now closed


Friday Workshop

10.30am - 4.30pm: Ray Merriman - Cosmic Cycles are ForeverAnd they are valuable tools for timing trends and changes of trends in Financial Markets. In this master class, we will examine the historical correlation of stock markets (like FTSE and DJIA), currencies (like the Euro and British Pound), precious metals and bitcoin to certain planetary cycles present in today's cosmos, with an eye on what anticipate in 2018-2020.

Friday evening

5.30pm - 6.15pm: Plenary by Roy Gillett - The Future of Astrology Paradoxically, since the theme of the first AA Conference in 1969, astrologers have looked back to rediscover Western astrology's roots and Vedic links while also witnessing the immensely precise and powerful development of astro-computing. Both together offer diamond clarity to shine through an imminent dark future to a wise new world based on respect and cooperation.

7.00pm - 8.00pm: Plenary by Lynn Bell - The Carter Memorial Lecture: Into the Labyrinth of Stars For millennia, astrology has used the light of the stars to follow the twists and turns of fate - each branch of the art guiding in different ways. As Uranus enters Taurus, jolting the earth, what forces will we encounter at the centre of the labyrinth?


9am - 10.00am: Christian König - Between Heaven and Earth: Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars Stars perform a dance. Some become visible after being absent from the sky (heliacal rising), while others return to Earth after living with the immortal circumpolar stars (heliacal setting). Both reflect an important life theme that adds a beautiful dimension to our astrological understanding.

10.15am - 11.15am: Sue Martin - From Carbon Dust to the Diamond Self Our DNA carries the imprint of our individual programming and potential, considered to be our 'fate'. However, it is our level of consciousness that creates our experiences as we respond and interact with planetary cycles. As such, astrology is central to liberating the highest potential and 'free will' latent within our DNA.

11.30am - 12.15pm: Plenary by Barbara Dunn - 'Physick cannot well exist without Astrology, but Astrology can without Physick' Over two millennia, medicine and astrology were interrelated aetiological pursuits. Galen praised the Egyptians who had united astrology and medicine, while in mediaeval universities astrology occupied an important place in medical curricula. This paper examines the deep continuities in astrological-medical methodology and the remarkable precision in application by practitioners such as Lilly and Culpeper.

2.15pm - 3.15pm: David Hamblin - The Development of Harmonic Astrology - Sky Room 5 Harmonic astrology has its roots in ancient Vedic astrology and in the work of Michel Gauquelin and John Addey. David will discuss this in relation to his own methods of harmonic analysis - from his book Harmonic Charts (1983) through to his forthcoming book, Harmonic Astrology in Practice.

3.45pm - 4.45pm: John Frawley - Rehabilitating the Outer Planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are often regarded as outcasts in the world of traditional astrology. But they can play a powerful role in both natal and horary charts. In this richly illustrated lecture, John shows what they don't say, what they do say . and how they go about saying it.

5.00pm - 6.00pm: Adrian Ross Duncan - Joy and Sorrow When water flows, it always finds the easiest route and sinks to the deepest point. Planets in Water reflect these depths. In this talk (during a grand trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in Water), we will elucidate consultation techniques that transform the secrecy and sorrow of Water sign placements into compassion and joy.


9.00am - 10.00am: Maggie Hyde - Things Suddenly Happening Increasing interest in horary astrology has shown us that astrology's symbols illuminate the way in which the world speaks to us. When things suddenly happen (whatever the incident), by combining the symbolic attitude with the horary tradition we can hear what cosmos is trying to tell us. Illustrated with example charts.

10.15am - 11.15am: Babs Kirby - Jung's Struggle with Astrology Jung had a lifelong struggle trying to reconcile his need for scientific respectability (Saturn) with his more mystical, intuitive leanings (Neptune). This was most evident in his relationship with astrology. We'll look at his astrological stone carvings and at the numerous contradictory statements he made throughout the course of his life.

11.30am - 12.30pm: Mark Jones - True Power: the Nature and Purpose of the Outer Planets Mark will take the work of Dane Rudhyar as a foundation of how to explore the purpose and meaning of the outer planets. He will then show how these modern astrological powerhouses reveal the essence of the transformational power of the human life.

1.30pm - 2.30pm: Geoffrey Cornelius - Daimonds are Forever At the brilliant centre of our craft is the ancient concept of an intelligent and volitional universe, continuously in league with the microcosm of the soul. We look at the troubled history of the daimon, its implications for consciousness, and its faltering recovery in the self-narrative of modern astrology.

2.45pm - 3.45pm: Richard Swatton - The Planets as Realisations Unless truly 'realised' as genuine facts of our being, the planets will remain as mere interesting topics of study. In this talk, Richard discusses the planets as stages of developing consciousness in the process of self-realisation.

4pm - 4.45pm: Plenary by Nicholas Campion - The Discovery of the Self in Medieval Astrology Many scholars think that the 'Self' was discovered in the late 19th century. But it was in the 13th century that the translation of astrological texts from Arabic suggested that the soul was controlled by the stars and planets. This talk will explore the solution to this problem, by which the psyche was freed from astrological influence.