The 50th Annual Conference of the Astrological Association: The Importance of Astrology

2018 Conference Programme

Thursday 21 June - Sunday 24 June 2018 Book online here


Friday Workshops

10.30am - 1.00pm

Jane Ridder-Patrick - Patterns of Health

Astrology teaches us that body, mind and spirit are connected in one seamless whole. Combining astrology with techniques from transpersonal psychology, we have the perfect toolkit for identifying those beliefs, ideas and feelings at the root of ill-health - and a blueprint for positive change. Experience a taster in this hands-on workshop.

10.30am - 1.00pm

Sue Farebrother - Diamonds Belong to the Earth and to the Sky: Tarot For Astrologers

Diamonds are sparkling jewels, especially in precious occasion rings. In playing cards, diamonds are just another suit, but their equivalent in the Tarot are pentacles and their element is earth. Sue will draw parallels and differences between astrology and tarot, focusing on the element of earth and ways to interpret this in both systems.

10.30am - 1.00pm

John Frawley - Arabian Parts and the Structure of Being

Far from being optional extras, the key Arabian Parts are fundamental to our nature, like the skeleton of an animal or the molecular structure of a gemstone. So how do we read them and what do they tell us? As you will see, they speak so eloquently that one hardly needs to know astrology to understand what they are saying.

2.00pm - 4.30pm

Wanda Sellar - Traditional and Psychological Concepts in Medical Astrology

This workshop will look at the physical and emotional links to health and astrology. We'll start by looking at how the planets, signs and houses are linked to illness, particularly examining the houses that are a drain on the body. We will then examine the psychological underlay to illness and how we might deal with emotional issues.

2.00pm - 4.30pm

Frank Clifford - Your Life in Your Hands: Palmistry For Astrologers

An essential tool for all astrologers, palmistry reveals personality traits, relationship needs and potential. Like a road map, palm lines offer an 'aerial view' of your past, present and future. But lines can change over time, reflecting important choices you've made. Join Frank and learn how to identity character, talents and purpose in your own palms.

2.00pm - 4.30pm

Wade Caves - Supporting the Star-crossed: Relationships with Horary

The bread and butter of a horary astrologer's practice, relationship questions are not technically difficult but can offer unique challenges in consultation. How do we present astrological symbolism to our client in a meaningful, actionable way? In this workshop, we shall assess horaries relating to relationships to see reliable first principles at work - with a focus on the pragmatic nature of interpersonal counselling.

10.30am - 4.30pm

Ray Merriman - Cosmic Cycles are Forever

And they are valuable tools for timing trends and changes of trends in Financial Markets. In this master class, we will examine the historical correlation of stock markets (like FTSE and DJIA), currencies (like the Euro and British Pound), precious metals and bitcoin to certain planetary cycles present in today's cosmos, with an eye on what anticipate in 2018-2020.

Friday evening

5.15pm - 5.45pm : Meetings

1) Speakers meeting

2) New Conference attendees


6.15pm - 7.00pm

Plenary by Roy Gillett - The Future of Astrology

Paradoxically, since the theme of the first AA Conference in 1969, astrologers have looked back to rediscover Western astrology's roots and Vedic links while also witnessing the immensely precise and powerful development of astro-computing. Both together offer diamond clarity to shine through an imminent dark future to a wise new world based on respect and cooperation.

7.00pm - 7.30pm

Starters served in The Avenue

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Plenary by Lynn Bell - The Carter Memorial Lecture: Into the Labyrinth of Stars

For millennia, astrology has used the light of the stars to follow the twists and turns of fate - each branch of the art guiding in different ways. As Uranus enters Taurus, jolting the earth, what forces will we encounter at the centre of the labyrinth?


Buffet Dinner served in The Avenue


9am - 10.00am

Choose between:

Mike Harding - Finding Our Voice

There are some 400 psychological theories of the self, many diluting astrology's unique perspective of ourselves and our world. Addressing the central issue of the astrological 'self', we shall explore ideas that support astrology's paradigm and offer a radically different picture of how we and our world intertwine.

Christian König - Between Heaven and Earth: Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars

Stars perform a dance. Some become visible after being absent from the sky (heliacal rising), while others return to Earth after living with the immortal circumpolar stars (heliacal setting). Both reflect an important life theme that adds a beautiful dimension to our astrological understanding.

Babs Kirby - The Creative Impulse

Creativity is often seen as the domain of those who are artistic, but in fact it's a driving force in many areas of life. While acknowledging this, I will, however, as a potter myself these days, concentrate on ceramic artists and look at their work and their charts.

Wanda Sellar - Patterns in the Chart

Wanda will look at chart shapes (or patterns), following on from the ideas of Mark Edmund Jones and Robert Jansky. These shapes form the basis of chart interpretation and offer a structured step-by-step guide into the horoscope.

Christeen Skinner - Diamonds of the Financial Universe

Developing software has enabled the quality of financial astrology to improve greatly in recent years. This talk offers the results of recent research and considers 'where next?' in an area of astrology that holds fascination for many.

10.15am - 11.15am Choose between;

Kim Farnell - Bessie Leo: Hidden Gem or a Thorn in the Side of Astrology?

Throughout much of Alan Leo's life, Bessie was by his side. She was prominent in astrological societies and publishing, and so renowned as a theosophist that a lodge was named after her. Based on recent research, this talk examines Bessie's life and contribution - good and bad - to the astrological world.

Wade Caves - From Roar to Whisper: How Horary Kept Itself Alive

The steady decline of astrology's prominence in the West in the 19th and 20th centuries led many to believe that divinational techniques like horary had all but died out. But is this actually true? A candle remained lit across the Atlantic in the Americas - let's explore the work of these astrologers.

Ray Merriman - The Great Global Reset from the Cosmic Perspective

The cardinal climax that started in 2008 will still be in effect until 2024. The second wave, pertaining to the ingress of Saturn in Capricorn and then Uranus in Taurus, suggests a major reset in the leadership of world politics and banking, and potential upheavals in currency valuations.

John Green - Angels and Demons: The Astrology of Obsession

What tips us over into the realms of obsession and how can we see it astrologically? Today we'll be exploring obsession - from OCD and obsessive desires to the role of obsession in creativity. Are we possessed by angels or demons when we enter an obsession, or a mixture of both?

Sue Martin - From Carbon Dust to the Diamond Self

Our DNA carries the imprint of our individual programming and potential, considered to be our 'fate'. However, it is our level of consciousness that creates our experiences as we respond and interact with planetary cycles. As such, astrology is central to liberating the highest potential and 'free will' latent within our DNA.

11.30am - 12.15pm

Plenary by Nicholas Campion - The Discovery of the Self in Medieval Astrology

Many scholars think that the 'Self' was discovered in the late 19th century. But it was in the 13th century that the translation of astrological texts from Arabic suggested that the soul was controlled by the stars and planets. This talk will explore the solution to this problem, by which the psyche was freed from astrological influence.

12.15pm - 2.15pm

Lunch (AA AGM 12.15pm - 12.45pm)

2.15pm - 3.15pm

Choose between:

Richard Swatton - The Future of Psychological Astrology

With the matching of astrological placements to various models of the psyche now done, the first stage of psychological astrology is coming to a close. The next stage is the use of astrology as part of the therapeutic process itself. Richard will share his experiences and explore how this development works in practice.

David Hamblin - The Development of Harmonic Astrology

Harmonic astrology has its roots in ancient Vedic astrology and in the work of Michel Gauquelin and John Addey. David will discuss this in relation to his own methods of harmonic analysis - from his book 'Harmonic Charts' (1983) through to his forthcoming book, 'Harmonic Astrology in Practice'.

Geoffrey Cornelius - Hermeneutics of Astrology

The next big step for astrology is a turning back from the endless projection of technique. In its place must come the study of interpretation - what you and I do every time we pick up a chart - realising symbol, its context, how it arises and how it hits its mark.

Darby Costello - Awakening to New Values, New Worlds

As Neptune in Pisces continues to reveal new worlds, we are constantly invaded by images ranging from the sublime to the terrifying. We can expect Uranus in Taurus to awaken new dimensions of love and beauty in our lives, but we must stay alert to the disruptive side of this ingress.

Frances Clynes - 'Dress suitably in short skirts and strong boots, leave your jewels in the bank and buy a revolver' - Constance, Countess Markievicz (1916)

Constance Gore-Booth was the first woman to be elected as an MP, one of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, and the subject of several of Yeats' poems. We'll look at the chart of this remarkable woman who died in poverty having given all her wealth to the poor of Dublin.

3.45pm - 4.45pm

Choose between;

Dr Jenn Zahrt - Reclaiming Germany's Lost Gem: The Pioneering Work of Elsbeth Ebertin

Since the mid-60s, scholarship into German astrology centered on its relationship to the Nazis. Yet the story is more complex. This lecture presents a critical examination of mundane astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin, a pioneer of the astrological revival in Germany.

John Frawley - Rehabilitating the Outer Planets

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are often regarded as outcasts in the world of traditional astrology. But they can play a powerful role in both natal and horary charts. In this richly illustrated lecture, John shows what they don't say, what they do say . and how they go about saying it.

Frank Clifford - Forecasting: Planet by Planet

Whether you use transits, progressions, directions or other methods, Frank will offers ways to make the most of each planet's role in forecasting. There will be chart examples from his client files and people in the public eye to demonstrate how best to interpret, articulate and work with upcoming trends.

Maggie Hyde - Goodbye Psyche, Hello Soul

In their attempt to 'map the psyche' and follow 20th century psychology, astrologers lost their way, objectifying the cosmos, the client and themselves. James Hillman called for a return to the World Soul in psychoanalysis and, by revisiting our own tradition, especially Ficino and Lilly, we are led back to an Astrology of Soul.

Victor Olliver - The Top Six Astrology Essays Ever

Since 1959, 'The Astrological Journal' has featured world-class essays showcasing the latest pioneering ideas and best teachers in astrology. This was so HARD, but the editor has selected six of the Journal's most stunning pieces ever - summarising each in a countdown to the Number One Essay.

5pm - 6pm

Choose between:

Wendy Stacey - Beyond 2020

In December 2020, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0° Aquarius - the first time for almost 800 years that this series of conjunctions will occur in Air signs. Wendy will explore how the move from Earth or Air could spearhead an unprecedented modern age for society and affect life as we know it.

Angela Cornish - Venus

Venus, whether evening star, Vesper, or morning star, Lucifer, shines brightly like a diamond in our sky. As the Sun's consort, she dances provocatively around him - never too far in front or too far behind. But does the Sun-Venus cycle contribute to our understanding of relationships in horary charts?

Adrian Ross Duncan - Joy and Sorrow

When water flows, it always finds the easiest route and sinks to the deepest point. Planets in Water reflect these depths. In this talk (during a grand trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in Water), we will elucidate consultation techniques that transform the secrecy and sorrow of Water sign placements into compassion and joy.

Mark Jones - The Astrology of Depth Psychology

In this talk, Mark will use his unique experience fusing psychosynthesis and astrology to give an astrological and psychological overview of the origins and development of depth psychology in the 20th century - a movement that proved crucial to the development of modern astrology.

Sonal Sachdeva - Ayur Vedic Astrology: Discover Life and Blood of Well-being in your Moon Chart

Ayurveda, meaning the "knowledge of longevity", is the oldest and the most comprehensive systems of healing in the world and originates from the ancient Vedas from India. Within the ancient Vedic texts lie are significant clues on Past karmic influences and our natal Moon (emotional mind/psyche) determine the formation of imbalances in our body. Reading a Moon Chart reveals a wealth of information and provides essential detail specific to the individual body and it's psyche.

6.30pm - 7.00pm: Meetings

1) APAE meeting

2) Local Groups Meeting

8pm onwards

Grand Dinner in main plenary room. DJ will play from 10pm - Please come in fancy dress - the theme is 1958!


9.00am - 10.00am

Choose between:

Astrid Bernadette Leimlehner - Diamonds are from Elsewhere: The Recent History of Astrology in Austria and Germany

This talk will explore developments in astrology in German-speaking countries during the past 60 years. It will introduce some significant astrologers and their publications, famous at home, but fairly unknown to their English-speaking colleagues.

Maggie Hyde - Things Suddenly Happening

Increasing interest in horary astrology has shown us that astrology's symbols illuminate the way in which the world speaks to us. When things suddenly happen (whatever the incident), by combining the symbolic attitude with the horary tradition we can hear what cosmos is trying to tell us. Illustrated with example charts.

Sue Martin - Looking at the Bigger Picture : Into the Kuiper Belt and Beyond

We are on a profound evolutionary curve as we journey into galactic consciousness. Out in deepest space flowing through the quantum field, the orbital paths of Pluto, Orcus, Eris and Sedna are subtly assisting, interacting and orchestrating our DNA into this crystalline field of awareness.

Robert Anderson - Per Ardua ad Astra

'Per Ardua ad Astra' ('Through adversity to the stars') is the RAF's motto - but it was also exemplified by the USAF bomber crew of the Memphis Belle who flew a record twenty-five missions over Germany and survived. We will examine the flyers' and their aircraft's amazing story from an astrological perspective.

Liz Hathway - Stars Down to Earth

From Arthur C. Clarke's '2001: A Space Odyssey' to David Bowie's 'Major Tom', humanity's quest for interstellar adventure has opened up a creative space for imaginary flights. Prepare to embark on an eclectic journey through space and time - where techniques collide and stars are shorn.

10.15am - 11.15am

Choose between;

Sharon Knight - 25 Years of Polishing an Old Faucet?

Sharon will look at the influence that the revival of ancient texts and techniques has made to our understanding of astrology since the 1990s. How has the work of ARHAT, Project Hindsight and the translations of Dykes and others impacted the working practice of astrologers today?

Darby Costello - Mars Our Warrior, Mars Our Destroyer

In our chart, Mars describes our instinct to defend and protect ourselves. But for Carl Jung, it represented the principle of Individuation. Until we develop a conscious relationship with our Mars, we are helpless against our own and others' Mars-type reactions. We shall look at how to empower Mars in the deepest sense.

Babs Kirby - Jung's Struggle with Astrology

Jung had a lifelong struggle trying to reconcile his need for scientific respectability (Saturn) with his more mystical, intuitive leanings (Neptune). This was most evident in his relationship with astrology. We'll look at his astrological stone carvings and at the numerous contradictory statements he made throughout the course of his life.

Christine Chalklin - Astrology and Natural Alchemy

Combining astrology with Bach Flower Remedies creates a natural alchemy whereby the body's cellular frequency is optimised. Christine will show that understanding your Moon sign and its corresponding essence is the key to unlocking your innate healing powers, enabling you to sparkle in the radiance of your true self.

Astrid Fallon - War or Peace by Declination

This talk will show: how simple meanings for high or low declination affect the two axes of the zodiac; how alternating between differentiation and equality, declinations other than parallels and contra-parallels can be interpreted; how difficult Out-Of-Bound planets can be transformed into gifts; and how declinations feed war or peace.

11.30am - 12.30pm

Choose between;

Kim Farnell - Astrology in the World of Non-astrologers

Astrologers often work as if they are from a parallel universe; they live in the astrological world while ordinary people inhabit another. However, astrology is sprinkled throughout popular culture. We'll take a tour through astrology in some surprising places during the last 60 years, including manga, computer games and television.

Mandi Lockley - Somewhere to Call Home

In 1930, with transiting Pluto conjunct the UK's 10th House Cancer Moon, The Housing Act transformed housing with the construction of 700,000 state-owned homes. This talk tracks social housing up to the Grenfell tragedy, when transiting Pluto opposed both its 1930 placement and the UK's Moon.

John Green - The Day the Earth Stood Still?

In December 2017, Saturn moved into Capricorn, joining Pluto, and by May 2018 Uranus will enter Taurus. With three planets ensconced in Earth signs, what lies ahead? In this talk we look to the past and the future exploring what these signify astrologically for us and our planet.

Mark Jones - True Power: the Nature and Purpose of the Outer Planets

Mark will take the work of Dane Rudhyar as a foundation of how to explore the purpose and meaning of the outer planets. He will then show how these modern astrological powerhouses reveal the essence of the transformational power of the human life.

Christian König - By the Rivers of Babylon: How the Belly Helps to Improve Thinking

Generally, two astrological approaches exist: an abstract, chart-based one and the pictorial Babylonian sky-viewing approach. Neither of the two brain-hemispheres is better. Babylonian sky-viewing is still astonishingly accurate and can support contemporary astrology.

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Lunch - Last chance to buy books and visit the astrological garden

1.30pm - 2.30pm

Choose between;

Geoffrey Cornelius - Daimons are Forever

At the brilliant centre of our craft is the ancient concept of an intelligent and volitional universe, continuously in league with the microcosm of the soul. We look at the troubled history of the daimon, its implications for consciousness, and its faltering recovery in the self-narrative of modern astrology.

Christeen Skinner - From Carbon to Diamonds to Graphene

Christeen will review the astrology of trading with an emphasis on trading energy stocks, precious metals and the new and growing sectors encompassing the world of cryptocurrencies and cutting-edge technologies.

Mike Harding - Diamonds or Rocks: Acts of Interpretation

The Greeks called the planets 'wandering rocks', but how do we interpret their possible meanings? We shall explore what is involved in making sense of astrology's world view: what theories or techniques hold us, how are we situated within them, and the part the world itself plays.

Jane Ridder-Patrick - The Body Speaks its Mind

What you think, you are - and nowhere is this truer than in the body. Just how closely our symptoms and sensations mirror our inner lives can be breathtaking. Using case studies, we will examine the mind-body connections in the mutable signs and explore possible remedial actions suggested by astrological symbolism.

Marilena Marino - Diamond Tips for Social Media: Strategies to Sparkle, Shine and Endure Online

Social Media has become a powerful springboard for astrology - with many astrologers building successful practices through the astute exploitation of these novel platforms. This talk will show you How to #DoItRight and how to tell your #FollowFridays apart from your #Like4Likes.

2.45pm - 3.45pm

Choose between;

Richard Swatton - The Planets as Realisations

Unless truly 'realised' as genuine facts of our being, the planets will remain as mere interesting topics of study. In this talk, Richard discusses the planets as stages of developing consciousness in the process of self-realisation.

Adrian Ross Duncan - The Journey

Due to the unique alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, Voyager 1 and 2 (launched in 1977) were able to familiarize everyone on Earth with these planets and their moons. Adrian will show how this outer journey became an inner process of enlightenment and discuss their social and political repercussions on Earth.

Trudie Charles - Astrological Physiognomy by Charles Harvey and Others

The AA Library holds a large body of archive material on the subject of astrological physiognomy, a fascinating topic that attempts to link facial shaping and expressions to natal chart factors. Trudie will offer insights into this intriguing branch of astrology.

Chris Mitchell - Diamonds and Demons

The Picatrix is a 1000-year-old magical and astrological grimoire. Chris Mitchell will look at this ancient tome and show how you can find true love, summon demons and forge magical talismans using everyday ingredients such as diamonds and leopard fat.

Clare Martin - Astrology & Alchemy: The Marriage of heaven and Earth

One of Jung's greatest achievements was to recognise the psychological significance of alchemical symbolism. Astrological practice can be fruitfully aligned with the imaginative and startlingly visual landscape described by the western mystical alchemists, lending our astrology a particular method and purpose, as an initiatory art, a science of the soul.

4pm - 4.45pm

Plenary by Barbara Dunn - 'Physick cannot well exist without Astrology, but Astrology can without Physick': the methodologies of Geoffrey-Le-Neve (1579-1634) 'practitioner in Physicke, and student in the Mathimaticks'.

Over two millennia medicine and astrology were interrelated aetiological pursuits. Galen praised the Egyptians who had united astrology and medicine, whilst in mediaeval universities astrology occupied an important place in curricula. This paper examines the various types of astrological-medical methodologies, in particular those of Geoffrey-Le-Neve, author of Vindicta Astrologiae judiciariae, or The vindication of judiciarie Astrologie (MS Ashmole 418) and A Newe Almanacke and Prognostication (1604-1625, Yarmouth).

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