The 51st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association
Transforming Lead Into Gold: Working With The Challenges Of The Times

2019 Conference Programme

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Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams is the author of The Secret Language of the Stars (Penguin/Michael Joseph) released in January 2019. Her Sun sign astrology appears everywhere from 'Family Circle USA' to 'Vogue Japan'. She divides her time between Australia and Britain. Visit

Toby Aldren

Toby Aldren DFAstrolS is an astrologer and musician (yes, Gemini MC!) based in Vancouver BC, Canada, where he holds astrology classes, workshops and consultations through VancouverAstrology. com. In addition, he is honoured to serve as a Distance Learning Tutor for the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

Christos Archos

Christos Archos is an astrologer and psychologist holding two masters. He is based in Greece and works as a private counsellor. He is on TV shows, in magazines, on the network, is also the VP for ISAR Greece and the President of the Mediterranean and Balkan Institute for Astrological Research.

Dr. Bernadette Brady

Dr Bernadette Brady holds a PhD in Anthropology (2012) and is a tutor on the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. She has been awarded the Charles Harvey Award and a Regulus Award for 'Theory and Understanding in Astrology'. Her most recent work is Stories From The Stars (coauthored with Darrelyn Gunzburg).

Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, and former Research Director of the NCGR. Since 2012 he has hosted a weekly program called The Astrology Podcast. He specializes in ancient Greco-Roman astrology and is the author of Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune.

Rod Chang

Rod Chang has studied astrology for over twenty years, through self-study and through the LSA and the Faculty of Astrological Studies. His favourite aspects are mundane astrology and a humanistic approach to astrology. He is co-founder of the Academy of Astrology.

Jadranka Coic

Jadranka Ćoić spends time either practising astrology or growing vegetables on her allotment in accordance with Moon cycles. She is a perpetual student who started to study astrology more than fifteen years ago. She was the Astrological Lodge of London's Treasurer and is currently their Beginners' Class Tutor.

Tania Daniels

Tania Daniels finished training in psychological astrology in 2002 and has studied traditional astrology since 2009. She holds a STA Horary Diploma and a certificate in Hellenistic Astrology. She has enrolled in Zoller's DMA and is a QHP tutor. Her articles have been published in English, Italian, German and Turkish.

Dr. Armand Diaz

Dr Armand Diaz is Publications Director for NCGR and Books and Articles Editor for the Astrology News Service. Armand's book credits include Integral Astrology and Transpersonal Astrology. Separating Aspects, his most recent book, is about relationship astrology. Armand can be reached via and www.

Petros Eleftheriadis

For the QHP: Petros Eleftheriadis is a traditional astrologer who lives and works in Greece. He is Head Tutor for the QHP (Qualifying Horary Practitioner), a school of traditional astrology. His first book entitled Horary Astrology: the Practical Way to Learn your Fate was released in 2017 (Wessex Astrologer).

Jean Elliott

For Jean Elliott is director of Recently she has been updating the school's course material including the social and mundane module. The section on outer planetary cycles has taken her several years of studying empires and 'civilisation', but perhaps it has been necessary to wait till now to finish it during these turbulent times.

Franziska Engel

Franziska Engel is a certified astrologer from the German Astrological Association (DAV) and has a degree in Chinese studies and Intl. Management. Born in Berlin, she has lived in the US, Greece and China, and now lives in Bremen. She is a consulting astrologer with a focus on horary, astrogeography and business astrology.

Sue Merlyn Farebrother

Sue Merlyn Farebrother DFAstrolS MA teaches astrology for the FAS, where she trained, and for the LSA, where she also teaches tarot. Sue gained her MA with a distinction for her dissertation. Her first book was Astrology Decoded (Rider) and she is finishing a forecasting book to be published in 2019.

Maurice Fernandez

Maurice Fernandez author of Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces and Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness, is an evolutionary astrology counsellor and teacher based in Arizona. He currently serves as president for OPA and directs a professional diploma program with students from across the world.


Sue Fletcher

Sue Fletcher has been an astrologer for 25 years and has counselling, teaching and life coaching qualifications as well as an NVQ in training and development. Sue worked for the Psychic Circle for ten years, has been featured in 'The Sunday Mail' and wrote a Sun sign column for a health magazine.

Adam Fronteras

For the Astrological Lodge of London: Adam Fronteras has had a dual career in astrology and computers for over 35 years. He is a published author on astrology, tarot, dreams and the paranormal, and has presented, directed and produced TV and radio shows on astrology. At present, he is involved with multinational companies and Information Security Compliance.

Smiljana Gavrancic

Smiljana Gavrančić studied astrology at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education in Serbia, graduating in October 2010. In March 2011, she became ISAR CAP. She is the founding editor of 'IAM' (Infinity Astrological Magazine) and owner of IAM INΦINITY - Αθήνα Center. Her specialities are mundane, karmic/hermetic, degrees/ archetypes, and synastry.

Sonia Giudici

Sonia Giudici is an Italian astrologer and is the director of the Astriepsiche school in Milano. She is the author of, a blog/website which is followed by 15,000 people. After graduating from the most prestigious business school in Italy, she earned a diploma in psychological astrology in Italy and gained the FAS's certificate.

Margaret Gray

Margaret Gray is a consulting and teaching astrologer based in Dublin. She founded the Astrology Ireland group and is the co-owner of with Armand Diaz Ph.D. Margaret is also a psychotherapist and mediator and works extensively with couples and families.


Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg

Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg has been a tutor at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David since 2009. Her work includes Life after Grief (Wessex, 2004) and AstroGraphology (Wessex, 2009). She recently contributed to Astrology through History: Interpreting the Stars from Ancient Mesopotamia to the Present edited by William E. Burns (ABCCLIO, 2018).

Maggie Hyde

For the COA: Maggie Hyde is interested in the relation of psychoanalysis to divination. A co-founder and tutor for the Company of Astrologers, she also lectures on the 'Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred' MA at Canterbury Christ Church University. Her books include Jung and Astrology, Introducing Jung, Astrology for Beginners and The Symbolic Attitude (2018).

Stefanie James

For the LSA: Stefanie James is a consulting astrologer, published writer and podcaster from the UK. She joined the London School of Astrology at her Saturn return and has since returned to teach there. She is published in The Book of Music Horoscopes, lectures internationally and is resident astrologer at HIJAC Radio.

Prudence Jones

Prudence Jones is an astrologer, author and humanistic therapist, a former Chair of the Association of Professional Astrologers and a regular speaker at conferences. In the 1980s she pioneered experiential astrology, publishing Creative Astrology. She is currently investigating the astrological background of the Triple Moon goddess in classical antiquity.

R. Hakan Kirkoglu

R. Hakan Kirkoğlu is a leading astrological figure in Turkey. He combines ancient techniques with contemporary issues. He was mundane astrology coordinator for UAC 2008. Studying astrology for more than 35 years, Hakan is the founder and principal of School of Wisdom of the Sky in Istanbul, and ISAR VP for Turkey.

Miloslawa Krogulska

Miłoslawa Krogulska has been practising and teaching astrology in Poland for 25 years. Her books and articles have been published widely. She runs the Warsaw School of Astrology and is a co-founder of the Polish Astrological Association, which publishes The Tarotist and Professional Astrology.

Dr Lee Lehman

For the STA: Dr Lee Lehman has a Ph.D. from Rutgers University and is the author of eleven books. She is a tutor for the School of Traditional Astrology, where she is Principal of the STA Medical Astrology program. Lee received the 1995 Marc Edmund Jones Award, and the 2008 Regulus Award for Education.

Rick Levine

Rick Levine is co-founder of, a founding Trustee of Kepler College, and coauthor of eight years of Barnes and Noble's annual Your Astrology Guide. Through, Rick wrote a daily column for nearly 17 years for millions of readers. He is the subject of a DVD, Quantum Astrology.

Alejo López

Alejo López was born in 1983 in Buenos Aires and aims to bring his own 'southern' voice to astrology. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and another in Performing Arts. He has also gained the STA's Practitioners Certificate and is about to submit his diploma exam to the FAS.

Claire Manion

Claire Manion has practised astrology all her adult life and gained the Mayo diploma in 2018. She has a BA in psychology from Bangor, North Wales. While living in Wales, she discovered Celtic mythology and is interested in exploring the links between mythology and astrology and how they provide guidance for life.

Grazia Mirti

Grazia Mirti is an astrologer specialising in forecasting, astrological culture and financial astrology. She is an author, runs courses and lectures globally. For 16 years she has been editor of Linguaggio Astrale, the quarterly magazine of CIDA (Italian Astrological Center). She was ISAR's VP for Italy (2010-2016) and a speaker at UAC 2018.

Deborah Morgan

For the FAS: Deborah Morgan DFAstrolS is a FAS tutor and runs an astrological practice in Nottingham. She is intrigued by the interplay between inner experience and planetary cycles. This forms a significant part of her client work and understanding of astrology, and blends with her fascination with mythology, neo-paganism and the Western Mystery Tradition.

Laura Nalbandian

For the FAS: Laura Nalbandian is a second-generation astrologer, and the owner-coordinator of NORWAC. Teaching and working with clients since 1986, Laura uses the Pluto-Nodes method of evolutionary astrology. Laura coordinated UAC 2002 and 2018 and is the current president of the Washington State Astrological Association, and a founding board member of Kepler College.

Nick Oakley-Smith

Nick Oakley-Smith has been an astrologer and student of the I-Ching for over 30 years and runs astrology meetings in Bath. He works as a coach and trainer for leaders and executives in major international businesses, bringing astrology and the I-Ching out of the closet and into the world.

Victor Olliver

Victor Olliver is Editor of The Astrological Journal and has a distinction diploma from the Mayo School. Before he took up astrology full-time, he was an awardwinning celebrity interviewer whose work appeared in 'The Times', 'Sunday Times' and 'Marie Claire'. In 2011 he became the first Sun sign columnist for 'The Lady'.

Marcos Patchett

Marcos Patchett BA, BSc, MAMH is a herbalist, medical and horary astrologer. Gaining the LSA's Certificate in 2006, he learned traditional astrology through home study and practice. A clinical supervisor for Middlesex University's Western Herbal Medicine BSc & MSc courses (2013-2018), Marcos has since completed his first book on cacao/chocolate, due for publication in 2020.

Garry Phillipson

For University of Wales, Trinity St. David: Garry Phillipson has practised astrology since 1976. His book Astrology in the Year Zero features interviews and discussions with a host of astrologers about the fundamental nature of astrology. He has almost finished a PhD about astrology and truth at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David.

Steve Pincus

Steve Pincus began studying astrology in 1976. A certified astrocartographer (1985), he was president of the San Francisco Bay Area NCGR Chapter and a Regulus Award nominee for Community Service at UAC 2018. He is a producer of the 90° Star Dial System and owner of Sun Recording Service.

Izabela Podlaska

Izabela Podlaska is a professional astrologer from Poland and teacher for The Warsaw School of Astrology. She runs one of the biggest and most popular Polish websites: A co-founder of the Polish Astrological Association, Izabela is an editor of 'Astrologia Profesjonalna' magazine.

Melanie Reinhart

Melanie Reinhart has been a professional astrologer since 1975 and is a prize-winning diploma-holder of the FAS, of which she is also a patron. She is best known for her work (and best-selling books) on Chiron and the Centaurs. Melanie has a special interest in the contemplative practice of astrology.

Alexander von Schlieffen

Alexander von Schlieffen is a painter, musician and astrologer and has been teaching astrology worldwide since 1996. He had his own astrology TV show, has released over a dozen audio books, written two books on the quadrants, and was a columnist for the German 'Vanity Fair'.

Greg Szanto

Greg Szanto MA (Oxon), Dip.Astrol.S., Dip.Counselling is a counsellor and psychotherapist who trained at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, obtained its Gold Medal, and became chairman of its examining board and Director of Summer Schools. He is the author of The Philosophy of Astrology, Astrotherapy and The Art of Electional Astrology.

Yvonne Smith Tarnas

Yvonne Smith Tarnas MFT, Ph.D. is a Jungian analyst based in San Francisco who has practised astrology since 1973. She received her doctorate at Pacifica Graduate Institute and has presented at the California Institute of Integral Studies, the International Scientific Astrological Research Conference, the North-South Jung Conference, and the Synchronicity: Matter and Psyche Symposium.

Deborah Thewlis

Deborah Thewlis qualified with a Diploma from the CPA in 2011, under the guidance of Liz Greene. She has been working with MISPA since its inception in 2015. She works as a holistic massage therapist and has a practice in London. Deborah also sees astrology clients.

Sue Tompkins

Sue Tompkins is a registered homeopath, consultant astrologer, teacher and writer with nearly four decades of experience. Known for Aspects in Astrology and The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook, she is currently writing about medical astrology. Sue's next annual residential course is on medical astrology in Spain in September.

Dick van der Mark

Dick van der Mark has been a Dutch professional astrologer and psychic reader for 30 years. He is also an international lecturer and is president of the Dutch AA. He specialises in the Black Lights and the Centaurs. Dick runs his own astrological school, Caelestis.

John Wadsworth

John Wadsworth has been practising and teaching astrology since the early 1990s. Known as an innovator in the field of experiential astrology, he is the founder of The Alchemical Journey, a contemporary zodiac mystery school. He holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology, and is the author of Your Zodiac Soul.

Zeynep Özlem Yalçin

Zeynep Özlem Yalçin is an ISAR-certified astrologer, working with ancient techniques. She received horary and electional astrology certifications from AstroArt School of Astrology and a Professional Forecasting Certificate from the LSA. She graduated from the School of Wisdom of the Sky. She writes daily forecasts on her social media account, Astrolojisu.

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