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Image of NodesBernadette Brady - The Nodes: From Mesopotamia to the Modern

Sunday February 21st, 2010 10.30 to 4.30

Venue: The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London
Nearest tube stations are Baker St. and Marble Arch

The Nodes in a chart hold so much potential yet tend to get overlooked, so a full day seminar was the perfect opportunity to get a more in-depth look. Even the pouring rain couldn’t stop the packed room full of Nodal enthusiasts which was held at the Theosophical Society. The talk looked at the early origins dating back to the Babylonian times, through to the Medieval Period and right up to the Node’s relevance in present day astrology.

Known as the head and the tail of the Dragon, the Nodal axis was generally though of an amplifier in traditional astrology. The Nodes are the bringers of chaos; the North where we intentionally invite disruption into our lives in pursuit of our goals and the South where our preferred pathway is met with resistance. Bernadette explained that the North Node by its sign and house placement shows the area a person seeks to colonize. Planets near the North Node are generally auspicious. The South Node on the other hand is the area where chaos interferes with order and brings unplanned disruptions when you are trying to do something else.

A lot of references were made to different periods of time and how it has shaped our understanding of the nodes. As the day unfolded we were given examples of the nodes through the houses and a look at prominent aspects in the charts of well known people as well as a personal look at the charts of some of the eager participants in the crowd.

After a full day seminar on the Nodes, I left with a brain brimming full of colourful analogies and deeper understanding of one of the most fascinating areas of the chart. The next time I encounter chaos in my life, I'll know where to look!

Jules GenikReview by AA member Jules Genik

Jules is a London based practicing astrologer and holds the holds the Faculty's Certificate. She is a columnist for Prediction Magazine and her website is Stargazers Astrology.