The Astrological Journal November 2015

Victor Olliver's Editorial

Victor Olliver - Astrological Journal editorI hope you like the new size and format of Journal. Not least, it's in full colour throughout for the first time. This is part of many ongoing improvements behind the scenes. As with all changes, teething problems can't be ruled out so please bear with us as we refine the look of the magazine over coming months. Also, we can now print copies overseas.

The festive season begins on TV shopping channel QVC not long after June solstice, in the UK at least. In anticipation, I decided to mark this inordinately long season in this issue by turning our attention to the true temple of Yuletide celebration - the retail sector. More especially, the astrology of high street and internet shopping brands. On page 13, Dr Nicholas Grier examines the charts of the likes of Marks & Spencer and John Lewis and discovers fascinating resonances between brand, founder and chart while guiding us on how properly to read a corporate personality horoscope. And on page 19, Dr Catherine Blackledge alights on Amazon, the online retail behemoth, and analyses what she calls its "strange chart indeed". A lack of moral compass might be one construction to be placed on certain of its aspects even if Amazon's prominent people-seducing Venus hoovers up millions of keyboard purchasers, ever excitedly perched.

November Astrological  JournalWhile shoppers show reverence for the season with all-year fairy rope lights - perhaps an energy-saving nod to the starry cosmos that once guided the magi (reportedly) - the actual prompt for the festivities may yet receive acknowledgement from the few. But what this 'prompt' is depends very much on what one believes. For instance, the Winter Solstice - an astronomical phenomenon (whose 2015 due date in the Northern Hemisphere is 22 Dec, 04:48) - is increasingly popular with celebrant atheists and secularists, following the example of pagan worshippers (but for different reasons), many of whom care little for 'Christmas' per se. On page 22, Konstantinos Gravanis brings academic scholarship to the stories of the more traditional festive prompt, Jesus Christ; and he shares the results of his study of the four biblical gospels. Already we know of the astrological underlay to these works; Gravanis goes further to suggest that all four books should be read as an inter-dependent whole and describes a "grand astro-theological programme behind the gospel narrations".

Synastry grew as a secondary issue theme quite by chance. I had always planned to run an extract from John Green's brilliant book, Do you Love Me? The Astrology of Relationships. But then Nick Kollerstrom sent me latest results from his Gauquelin research work into couples and the chemistry of attraction. And then Frank Clifford filed his Data News column - all about the synastry bwetween notable people and the actors who portray them. I mean, who's the editor around here? Even Branka Stamenkovic's powerful tribute to the man she loved, the late much-admired Danish astrologer Christian Borup, draws attention to the unlikely synastry between them - "all oppositions".

It was fabulous meeting many of you at this year's Astrological Association Conference at the idyllic Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire. Are you in our special gallery of photos from the event starting on page 8? If not, there's always next year..

IWhichever type of festivity you honour this season, I wish you a merry one.

This is the editorial from the November 2015 edition of the Astrological Journal, the UK's premier astrological magazine.

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