The Astrological Journal September 2014
Carole Taylor's Editorial
Carole Taylor - Astrological Journal editor

The BBC recently reported that the Conservative MP David Tredinnick is a believer in astrology, having spent 20 years studying it, especially its links to health and wellbeing. Since he is a member of the government's health committee and the science and technology committee, this is quite something. As we might have expected, he has been ridiculed over the years for his beliefs, despite his assertion in an interview with the BBC that "there is no logic in attacking something that has a proven track record".

Whilst those who are antagonistic to astrology might harbour doubts as to what constitutes a 'proven track record', there is certainly the interesting issue of research within astrology as one possible approach to establishing its efficacy. This issue's special feature, on Astrology and Research, explores some of the problems we face in trying to apply research methods to astrology. Pat Harris, editor of the AA's research periodical Correlation, looks at some of the pitfalls of setting up a research project, and Mike Harding encourages us to consider qualitative as well as quantitative research, reminding us to keep an open mind when it comes to our findings. There is also a small piece of practical research from Gun Hansson. Given the vast number of possibilities for investigative projects, perhaps you will be encouraged to devise your own research, to add to the sum of knowledge about our subject. We are also proud to offer a reprint of an article by the late Peter Roberts, who was so interested in this field, concerning the soul in astrology - that mysterious element of life which seems to defy attempts at exact definition, but which might express itself through the infinite beauty of the birth chart.

Our Learning the Craft article comes from the hugely experienced and much-loved astrologer Donna Cunningham - this is a real treat, particularly for those of us who have a stellium of our own! I can divulge that my own 'lead planet' is Uranus - I'm sure my friends and family would say that explains a lot...

We follow up Mark Cullen's article on the Scottish Independence Referendum in the July-August issue with a great piece by Anne Whitaker, who looks at the impending vote in the context of the Uranus-Pluto square and the political turmoil which accompanies it. And we have articles on an eclectic range of topics too - the dwarf planet Eris, astrology and the new paradigm shift, the Virgo-Leo signature in a chart, and the screen icon Sophia Loren.

Melanie Reinhart is perhaps one of the wisest voices we have in our astrological community and her article for The Future of Astrology series is typically thought-provoking - a powerful piece which should set us all contemplating our relationship to astrology, recounted with both Mercurial wit and Venusian grace. Last but not least, Roy Gillett takes us once again through the astrology of the upcoming two months in Working with the Planets and offers a moving comment on Richard Dawkins' recent views concerning the 'detrimental' effects of the fairy tale.

Before I sign off... As many of you will know, I will sadly be stepping down as editor at the end of the year - so the November-December edition will be my last. I hope to offer you a great final issue - until then...!/p>

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"Research is creating new knowledge". - Neil Armstrong