The Astrological Journal September 2015

Victor Olliver's Editorial

Victor Olliver - Astrological Journal editorStar Wars! The mighty movie franchise returns this year with The Force Awakens. In its 38-year history, starting with A New Hope in 1977, the series has made $27 billion (about £17.5 billion as of late July 2015) from global box office receipts and sales of DVDs/books/toys/etc - and think of the billions more to come in any currency. Another Star Wars flick is promised for 2017. Creator George Lucas' personal net worth is estimated at a very conservative $3.6 billion. All this is the language of the literal, audited world. How very awesome! Astrology, of course, offers an entirely different perspective - and this is to be found in Dr Glenn Perry's remarkable astro-psychological analysis of George Lucas' natal chart and his sci-fi colossus on p.12. Strip away the glamorising hype, spectacle, celebrity and statistics - Neptune, in a word - and what we find is a rich metaphor for a very human story acted out behind enthralling illusion in a world far, far away. Or, not that far, far away, as Lucas and his personal struggle to live his life according to cosmic intention is the human story very much of planet Earth - and the emotional inspiration of Star Wars. Is Luke Skywalker the dream George Lucas? Star Wars won't seem the same ever again once you've read Part 1 of Dr Perry's essay (Part 2 is published in Nov-Dec).

Awesomeness of another kind is to be found on p.43 as we welcome Shelley von Strunckel to our pages - revered, veteran astrologer to the Sunday Times, among other countless international media she writes for. I must thank Frank Clifford for making this encounter possible. The three of us sat down for an open-ended conversation - and I think you'll find the views and recollections of two of the world's leading stargazers both illuminating and very surprising. This, too, is a two-parter - with Part 2 to follow in the next issue.

September Astrological  JournalAfter her rip-roaring piece trumpeting the virtues of Sun-sign media horoscopes in our Jan-Feb 2015 issue, Jessica Adams returns with her instructive piece on Mercury Retrograde Shadow, which sounds a bit like a Star Wars character: few astrologers take note of the 'shadow' phase either side of retrogrades which is easily calculated and considerably lengthens the retro effect. Elsewhere, Alex Trenoweth sets aside her tiara (earned as International Astrologer of the Year 2015) and offers revolutionary ideas on better understanding and guiding school students, based on Jupiter and Saturn cycles. Alex's experiences as a school teacher have helped shape her insights - and I am confident that one day soon she will be a major voice for the use of astrology in education.

Traditionalists will savour Jonathon Clark's examination of the London Underground Moorgate Crash of forty years ago. He probes a number of questions still hanging over this disaster, applying William Lilly's 17th century dicta on signification in the event charts of ships to modern trains and accidents. But he also fuses this approach with contemporary astrological methods. The results are hugely thought-provoking.

I hope you end up loving the unforgettable artist and style icon Molly Parkin as much as I do. Yes, I am prejudiced. We've been close friends for many years - and the peculiarities of how we first met struck me as an interesting test of astrology - see p.54. Is it the case that we see what we want to see when we scrutinise a chart, as sceptics claim? Or does a clear message of potential shape emerge irrespective of what we know or want to think? Molly is a Uranus-Descendant 'type', my starting point of understanding her, especially in relation to her idiosyncratic spirit. Oddly enough, the Uranus-Descendant theme emerges in the Moorgate Crash piece in an analysis of the London Underground birth chart. In both cases - Parkin and transport system - the key word is 'revolutionary'.

In our Nov-Dec 2015 issue we'll be carrying a special report on the Astrological Association's September conference - with a special diary, colour pictures, gossip, capsule reports of talks and tutorials; the lot. Hope to see you in these pages.

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