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Find out all about:

Introduction to astrology research aids, particularly research into the data collected by Michel and Francoise Gauquelin;

The establishment of a centre for research in astrology at one of Britain's leading universities, Southampton University;

Astrology's increasing presence in academia;

Possible funding for research proposals in astrology in the arts and the sciences;

Current developments in astrology relating to philosophy, social science, psychology, techniques and in the future will cover ground breaking research in all areas of the arts and sciences.

Some of the authors: Prof. Chris Bagley, Nick Campion, Patrick Curry, T. Patrick Davis, Bruce Denness, Mike Harding, Robin Heath, Theodor Landscheidt, Clare Martin, Frank McGillion, Nick Kollerstrom, Prof. Peter Roberts and Prof. Percy Seymour, plus many others who have made and continue to make valuable contributions to ensure the future of astrology.

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Editor: Dr. Pat A. Harris

Pat Harris was awarded a PhD in the application of astrology to health psychology in July 2007, by Southamption University - one of, if not the, leading reasearch university in the UK. Pat is the first astrologer to succeed in applying quantitative reseach methods at PhD level to astrology applied to one of the social sciences, in this case health psychology. Her rigorously conducted research delivered a significant link between astrology and fertility treatment outcome. Her findings showed that when the treatment is timed with the presence of astrological factors associated with having children, in the charts of women during the years, months, weeks of undergoing treatment, it significantly increases the likelihood of success even after controlling for over thiry other variables.

Pat is also Convenor of the Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology (RGCSA) which considers funding for research fellowships and also at Masters and PhD level. For more details see the RGCSA website at:

The RGSCA provides free access to their database which contains abstracts of available papers included in issues of Correlation since 1980. Photocopies of individual papers can be requested for a small fee. The database can be searched by keyword and author. For more details see the RGCSA website at:

To read a selection of Pat's editorials click on the links below:

Volume 24(1) 2006: What is this thing called “astrology”?

Volume 25 (1) 2007: Academic censorship and research in astrology


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