Culture and Cosmos

A Journal of the History of Astrology and Cultural Astronomy


Editor in Chief: Dr Nicholas Campion, School of Archaeology, History and Anthropology, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales, SA48 7ED, UK.

Deputy Editor: Dr. Jennifer Zahrt

Assistant Editor: Dr. Fabio Silva

Website: Frances Clynes M Sc, MA

Culture and Cosmos is the first journal to be devoted to the study of the history of astrology and cultural astronomy. If astrology is the use of celestial phenomena to provide meaning for human life, then cultural astronomy is the broader use of astronomical beliefs and theories to regulate and inform society, politics, the arts and every aspect of human life.

Culture and Cosmos is peer-reviewed, and all articles considered for publication will be sent out to specialist reviewers for comment. We will consider articles on any aspect of the history of astrology or cultural astronomy, from earliest times down to the present day. Our subjects may vary from the development of astrology in ancient Sumer to contemporary belief in alien abduction. We will carry articles, news and reviews.

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The present is the sum total of all past events, and the study of the history of astrology is not only concerned with discovering the past, but with understanding the We have assembled an editorial board consisting of experts in all areas covered by the journal.


Dr. Silke Ackermann, Professor Anthony F. Aveni, Dr. Giuseppe Bezza, Dr. David Brown, Dr. Charles Burnett, Dr. Hilary M. Carey, Dr. John Carlson, Dr. Patrick Curry, Professor Robert Ellwood, Dr. Germana Ernst, Dr. Ann Geneva, Professor Joscelyn Godwin, Dr. Dorian Greenbaum, Dr. Jacques Halbronn, Robert Hand, Professor Michael Hunter, Professor Ronald Hutton, Dr Peter Kingsley, Dr. Edwin C. Krupp, Dr. J. Lee Lehman, Dr. Lester Ness, Professor P. M. Rattansi,  Professor James Santucci, Robert Schmidt, Dr. Lorenzo Smerillo, Professor Richard Tarnas, Dr. Graeme Tobyn, Dr. David Ulansey, Robin Waterfield, Dr. Charles Webster, Dr. Graziella Federici Vescovini, Dr. Angela Voss, Dr. Paola Zambelli, Robert Zoller.


Culture and Cosmos is published twice a year in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

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