The Astrological Journal 2020

July 2020

Victor Olliver's Editorial
July 2020 Astrological Association Journal

Asteroids and President Troemper

Until only a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Wuhan - the asteroid that is, not the city from which Covid-19 probably originated. Nor did I know of the asteroids China, Chaos and Angel. As for asteroid Troemper, it has in the minds of some astrologers become entwined with the fate of US President Donald Trump if only because its name is a not-quite homophone of his surname. These tiny celestials are name-checked in Brenda Wilson's essay on the Covid-19 pandemic - and it is of course very interesting that asteroid Wuhan was in early tropical Capricorn at the time of the coronavirus-linked Capricorn Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 12 January 2020, along with Mercury, Jupiter, asteroid Cupido, etc.....

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May 2020

Victor Olliver's Editorial
Mary2020 Astrological Association Journal

Astrology goes viral

In the short space between the last issue of Journal and this, the world has changed utterly. It seems incredible. As I write, much of the planet is in lockdown to contain a viral pandemic. Scarcely an airliner can be seen in the sky. Countless businesses - from high street shops to industrial plants - are shut. Most of us are confined to our homes but for shopping and exercise. Roads are so little used that pollution levels are falling rapidly. In consequence, night skies are clearer: Venus twinkles so much brighter as if to offer bleak joy to frustrated humanity stuck in their shelters....

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March 2020

Victor Olliver's Editorial
March 2020 Astrological Association Journal

Astrology gets a 'good' press. For a change

Now here's a strange thing. Suddenly and without much if any warning - did we see it coming? (Answer below and elsewhere in this issue) - astrology is on the cusp of being intellectually fashionable again. Do I exaggerate? Just possibly a little.but no, I don't think so. Let's be optimistic and make the most of the germ of truth in these opening words. A book has just been published which is about astrology and which is not being ignored or sneered at by people who...

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January 2020

Victor Olliver's Editorial
January 2020 Astrological Association Journal

Farewell to three great astrologers

We start the much-analysed and (-dreaded) year of 2020 by celebrating the contributions of three very different astrologers who passed in the last quarter of 2019 - two of whom died on the same day, 7 October.

"André Barbault was one of the most influential figures in 20th century Western astrology," Nick Campion writes in our substantial tribute to a self-educated man who began studying astrology in his mid-teens and practised it for about 80 years, well into his nineties before his death at age 98. Barbault's innovations in world astrology ...

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