The Astrological Journal 2019

January 2019

Victor Olliver's Editorial

Diamonds (and Journal) are forever

January 2019 Astrological Association Journal

For any publication - let alone an astrological one - to reach its 60th birthday is a great achievement. No one person can take exclusive credit for this but there are many people who should be name-checked as major contributors to The Astrological Journal's success over the decades, starting with the triumvirate who co-founded it back in the late 1950s. In this issue we honour quite a few others as well who played or are playing an important part in the magazine's development - and I am delighted to welcome back Astrological Association former chairman and vice president Chester Kemp to our pages: his reminiscences on what he calls the "golden age" of astrology bring to vivid life great figures of the past such as Charles Harvey and John Addey.....

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