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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2008

The Online Database: An Announcement

Until the new database has been modified and is in working order, it is not possible for us to edit and add to the AA Data Collection. So, for the time being, we have removed the advert requesting contributors. Many thanks to those who have offered their services. We shall be in touch as soon as a working system is up and running.

Frank Clifford

Email Frank at: or write c/o The Astrological Association

Comings, Goings and In the News


Karlheinz Stockhausen: 20th century composer of electronic music and modernist operas. Born August 22, 1928 at 3:00 AM in Mödrath, Germany (50N54 006E43) No source given. Died December 5, 2007

Ian Smith: ex-Premier of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Born 8th April 1919; 21:00 EET (-2:00); Selukwe, Rhodesia (19 S 42, 030 E 03) Source: Ruth Dewey quotes Ann Cillers in Kosmos Vol 7/No.2, data "from his mom". Died 20th November 2007.

The Bhutto Assassination

Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was killed by a gunman/suicide bomber just ouside Islamabad on 27th December 2007. She was declared dead by doctors at a hospital in Rawalpindi at 6.16 pm after the doctors had tried to resuscitate her for thirty-five minutes.

In astrological circles, there are two birthdates given for Ms Bhutto - 21st June and 23rd June 1953, in Karachi. All her offical biographies, however, give the 21st June date. Likewise, there are several birth times given, but none seems to be from a reliable source. For instance, although she is said to have given her time of birth as 16h30 IST to one astrologer, the date was given as 23rd June; it's hard to believe that she would be confused over her own birthdate. Until good information appears, her birth data should be given as 21st June 1953,Karachi, no time known.

Pakistan Independence: Aug 14th 1947; 09.33am IST (-5.30); Karachi (24N52 067E03); AS 29Virgo MC 29Gemini

The "Canoe Man": At 5.30pm on Dec 1st 2007, John Darwin walked into West End Central police station in London and announced: "I think I am a missing person". Having disappeared at sea in his kyak on March 21st 2002, and presumed dead, he claimed to be suffering from amnesia.

Newspaper investigations revealed that he had spent much of the previous five years living in his home town of Seaton Carew, in a house owned by his wife Ann. She had bought a property in Panama and had moved there six weeks before; he had been photographed with her there. Police revealed that he had assumed the identity of John Jones, a baby born March 27, 1950 in Sunderland, and which had died five weeks later from enteritis.

Several newspapers carried a photo of Darwin’s "death certificate", which showed that he was born on August 14, 1950 in Hartlepool. He and his wife have now been charged with fraud.

On 15th November 2007 Peter Tobin was charged with the murder of Vicky Hamilton, whose body was found in the garden of a Margate house.

Vicky Faye Hamilton, born 14.31 on 24 April 1975, Falkirk (from birth certificate), was last seen alive at 5.35pm on 10 February 1991, Bathgate, Lothian. Her body was found at 6.30pm (acording to police) on 12th Nov 2007, Margate while the police were searching for the body of Dinah McNicol. Dinah, 18 years old, was last seen alive on 4th August 1991. Her body was found "around 1pm" (according to police) on 16th November 2007.

Peter Tobin was born at 4.50pm on 27 August 1946, Johnstone, Renfrewshire (from birth certificate).

My thanks go to the indefatigable Caroline Gerrard for digging up all this information for me.

Venezuela's Time Zone has been changed, by order of President Hugo Chavez on December 8th, 2007. The Venezuelan clocks have been put back by half an hour, making Venuzuelan time GMT -4h 30m.