The Astrologer's Newsletter - March/April 2005

For a version of Transit that can be saved on your machine and printed out for comfortable reading, click here to download the PDF version.

Hallo again! Transit is changing. After three years of being available only online, the AA Council have decided to make it available as a hardcopy publication once more, whilst still retaining this online version.

I know that many AA members will be delighted at this news. I'm certainly happy; even though it will mean more work for me, it means that Transit will get out to all sections of the membership, not just those who have access to a computer.

The new Transit will be out at the beginning of May, and will be posted out to all AA members, as it used to be. If you have any suggestions for the hard-copy Transit, I'd be delighted to hear about them, at the usual address. At the moment, the plan is for it to be in the old mono-print booklet-sized format, so please bear that restriction in mind.

This issue, we have two articles on The Wedding of the Year™. Isabelle Ghaneh looks at the synastry of Charles and Camilla; Annie Biggerstaff points out some of the overlooked major transits affecting the Royal Family later this year. Paul Newman gives us the charts of a pair of childrens' TV classics - Thunderbirds and Stingray. There are also all the usual roundup of news and events, plus a collection of current data, in the reinstated Data Corner. And finally, Old Grouch is back, with his presciently topical views on synastry.

- Val Dobson, Editor