The Astrologer's Newsletter - March/April 2006

Hallo again!

Welcome to another edition of Transit, the magazine for local astrologers everywhere.

In this edition, we have an astrological study of the first Queen Elizabeth, comparing her to the actresses who have played her on screen; David Fisher has some data on a series of Victorian murders; there is the latest news from the AA Council; and Jenni Harte has another astrological take on the latest news events. Finally, I'm pleased to be able to bring you the first episode of the Secret Diary of an Astrology Student (age 39 and 3/4) Enjoy!


CAN YOU HELP? Carola writes:

"I am looking for an astrological friend or tutor, within bus travelling distance of Pembroke, West Wales . Someone fluent in chart analysis or who is studying chart reading. Meeting monthly to pool ideas and help improve astrological understanding and growth in self awareness."

If you can help, you can contact Carola via Transit.


Val Dobson, Editor



I am sure there are many astrologers who will be sorry to hear of the death of Margaret Hayes, D.F. Astrol S. She came into astrology in the mid-1970s via both the Faculty of Astrological Studies and the Astrological Association, finally obtaining her diploma in May 1981. In January 1979 she started the Bradford Astrology Group which ran for a number of years and attracted some notable speakers. A former Maths teacher, Margaret was born on November 1st 1931 at Outwood, north of Wakefield, at 4:55pm GMT and died in Bradford on 3rd January 2006. She leaves a loving Capricornian husband, Neil, and a son and daughter.

- David Fisher