The Astrologer's Newsletter - May/June 2006

Hallo again!

Welcome to another edition of Transit, the magazine for local astrologers everywhere.

In this edition, we have Paul Newman reminding us that BBC Television is 70 years old this year; there is the latest news from the AA Council; John Dawson puts forward a proposal on astrological dating conventions (no, he's not giving tips on how to date astrologers!) and Jenni Harte has another astrological take on the latest news events. And all you astrology students will want to read the second episode of the Secret Diary of an Astrology Student (age 39 and 3/4). Enjoy!


Val Dobson, Editor


Astrology In Ireland

Irish astrology is alive and thriving. There is a Yahoo email group, as well as regular monthly meetings in Dublin and Co. Cork. For details, go to the website:

Poul Madsen sends out a monthly email newsletter to anyone who wants to keep up with Irish astrological news and events. If you want to go on the mailing list, send him an email at:

If you’re in Dublin this month (May), you could catch an exhibition of old astrological and astronomical books. Called What IS The Stars?, it includes a number of amazing and rare books on Astronomy and Astrology dating back to the 16th century (and even older). Among the titles on display are:

An astronomical treatise in Irish (tract. Astron. Hiber.), a part translation of works by Ma Sha Allah from perhaps the 14th century;

Philosophić naturalis principia mathematica from 1726, by Sir Isaac Newton;

Astronomić Instauratć Mechanica from 1602, by Tycho Brahe;

and many other books from famous names like Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Christiaan Huygens.

Until May 14th at Marsh’s Library, St. Patrick’s Close (next to the Cathedral), Dublin 8. Phone 01 454 3511


Astrology In Greece

John Bardopoulos writes from Athens:

A new astrological site from Greece, is now active, specializing in mundane predictions, giving specific days, or time periods in hours, and the kind of events, which will occur.

All this is given before events happen and news is in the media, Greek or International. The astrological predictions are in Greek and English language. If and when a prediction is verified, links to International agencies are added, to guide the reader to the actual news.

For convenience the predictions are renewed on the site, around the time of each New Moon. Those who want to compare the predictions later can also print or save in a file what they are interested in.

I will be glad for any suggestions or additions for improving the site and astrological predictions. Also, if everybody, knows someone astrologer who can be do in a similar way predictions please inform me so as we union the practice in one.