The Astrologer's Newsletter - November/December 2006

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New Russian astrology website launched

".... devoted to the Synthesis of Astrology, Theosophy and Science in studying of Time in its various aspects: Periods, Chronology, and Ages.

The materials of this site present an interdisciplinary, but integral approach to the analysis of the concept of Time which, in its various aspects, reflects the synchronism between the Space and Terrestrial phenomena periods and epochs.

From this point of view it may be considered as astrology in a broad sense. At the same time, this synchronism is studied on the basis of mathematical methods and modern knowledge in natural sciences and, when possible, verified statistically. Alongside, the obtained results are systematically correlated with the Theosophical concepts and artefacts of Egypt and Maya, both conceptual and material.

Dominantly, this site contains the studies of its author; the relative articles and sites are given in the references. The main idea of this site is to collect the works pertaining to its subject in one place and, due to a multilinked nature of the considered system of concepts, to provide them with an explanatory guide."


Jon Cooper-Taylor

Jon Cooper-Taylor, a long-standing member of both the Astrological Association and the Astrological Lodge of London was stabbed to death on June 23rd. David Fisher wrote an appreciation of him in the September 2006 edition of Transit; another appreciation appears here. The Croyden Advertiser reported Jon's death in an article available online here, where you can read tributes by some of his neighbours.


New design

You may notice some changes in the way the online Transit looks. I've given the design a bit of a freshen-up, and made it more standards-compliant. I've tested it in most browsers, but if you notice a bug or anything looking not right, please let me know with details of your browser, screen resolution and operating system, at the email address below.

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