AA Event Day

The End of the World is Not Nigh
Sunday 22nd November 2009 at The English Language Centre, Hove

Review by AA Member Maureen Ravenhall

John Clarke photoWhat a privilege to have been present at this truly mould breaking day. Not only did we have a professor of the history of ideas and two very adequate Astrologers present but also a Conservative member of Parliament with 23 years experience in the House - a memorable mix indeed!

Professor John Clarke (pictured, right) spoke very enthusiastically on the changes in scientific thought and paradigms and his personal problem with how astrology could possibly be plausible. He certainly did listen very openly to the Astrologers viewpoints and arguments if, by his own admission, somewhat skeptically! Roy Gillett, as always, gave a very well researched talk, introducing us to a newly discovered ancient chart which is reflected in repeat cycles and highlights various traumatic events in the Middle East in successive years up to today. Phoebe Wyss added emphasis regarding the quality of time, demonstrating how planetary cycles resonate with this.

All three speakers were enthusiastic about their subject but none more passionate than David Tredinnick, the Member of Parliament for Bosworth. He had obviously had personal experience of how incredibly astrology works, having had his chart read at a time of personal stress and health difficulty. His knowledge and understanding of the subject was amazingly lucid, which could only make his argument to non-astrologers and his colleagues that much  more convincing. He seems very intent on getting Astrology recognised by the National Health Service as a valid complimentary therapy and has already taken one opportunity to speak up in Parliament to that effect!

Maureen RavenhallThe day finished with a panel of the four speakers, with questions and discussion with the audience. This was extremely lively, interesting and enjoyable. All in all it was a day which deserved a far bigger audience and one which I would certainly like to see repeated at an AA Conference.

Maureen Ravenhall DFAstrol.S.,RCAstrol.,FAPAI (left) is the recently retired Chair of the Association of Professional Astrologers International and a member of Buckinghamshire Astrology Group

Review by John Knapp

Prof John Clark, chairman of the Scientific and Medical Network, demonstrated science’s extraordinary ability to re-invent its previous dogma (unlike religion) He quoted the earth-centred to sun-centred paradigm shift when heresy became orthodoxy post Copernicus, which gave birth to modern science. He suggested that we may now be on the verge of another paradigm shift from materialism to holism (body, mind and spirit).

audienceRoy Gillett, president of the Astrological Association of GB, showed how astrology can explain phenomena which have defeated resolution by world leaders for a century, such as the Arab/Israeli conflict. He showed how the astrology of significant Jewish dates (the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70AD, the partition of the Middle East in 1920, the creation of the state of Israel in 1948) all correlated to give significant meanings, which have to be understood before healing and resolution can occur.

David Tredinnick MP for Bosworth, who has been prominent in the campaign to get osteopathy and chiropracty integrated into the NHS through statutory registration, stated he believes the integration of astrology into the NHS is needed. Insight into the astrological reasons for their illness would give patients hope and comfort.

Phoebe WyssPhoebe Wyss (left), astrologer, suggested that the universe works on three levels. Level A is the physical world and consensus reality. Level B is the level of mind and psyche. These are both fed from level C which is the invisible subatomic ground or the universal mind. The archetypes are contained here that emerge to create order on levels A and B. Astrologers use their knowledge of time cycles and astrological archetypal patterning to predict and interpret the quality of time.

Conclusion: The integration of astrology into science would bring immense benefits to society in coping with the current crises, such as the NHS crisis in funding.

John KnappJohn Knapp (right) is a member of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) and Brighton Astrology Group. He has written this review for the SMN as well as the Astrological Association.

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