Ackette, Aino

Aino Ackette 24 Apr 1876 01:00 LMT (-1:39) Rating: B

Helsinki, Finland 60N10, 24E58

Notes: Originally Aino Achte was a Finnish soprano. She was the first international star of the Finnish opera scene. She was engaged by the New York Metropolitan Opera . She also performed in Leipzig in 1907 and London in 1910.

Source: Dr Felix Jay [original AA database]. – birth dates in Wikipedia conflict, as one line claims 24 April, the other 23 April [Mark Okrasa]. The original AA database gave a birth time of 11:20:08 GMT and a date of 5 May. I suspect this actually meant 23:20:08 GMT, corresponding to a LMT of 01:00 the following day – so going with 24 April at 01:00 LMT here. There is doubt, though, since the original date was given as 5 May, but this may be because the 23/24 April date was Julian calendar – Finland adopted the Gregorian calendar in December 1912 [Chris Mitchell]

AA Ref: 15

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