The Astrological Journal May 1999 41.3

3 Interview with Nick Campion By Garry Phillipson 16 Russia’s Unhappy Fate by Denise Chranowska and Paulde Gruchy 28 The Eclipse and New Millennium By Roy Gillett 28 Thoughts on the Ec|ipse By Elizabeth Hathway 32 The New Centaurs, Pholus and Nessus By Penny Steffen 40 Planetary Stock Trading : Industry Forecasts by Bill Meridian 46 The Eclipse Year – Part 111 By Robin Heath 50 Book Reviews: The Essentials of Vedic Astrology by Komilla Sutton; When Planets Promise Love by Rose Murray; SDtockmarket Timing Vol 2 Geocosmic Correlations to Investment Cycles by Raymond Merriman; The Eagle and The Lark by Bernadette Brady; Relationship Signs by Carolyn Reynolds; The No Nonsense Guide to Astrology – Elements and Modes by Sally Davis; Progressions by Lesley Phillips 54 Letters: Amanda Parfitt, Nick Kollerstrom, Paul Mayo, Ofmil C Haynes, Jeff Meddle. Darrelyn Gunzburg, Jorn Nielsen


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