The Astrological Journal September 2015 57.5

Shelley von Strunckel and Frank C. Clifford
When two of the world’s leading stargazers sat down together to discuss all things astrological, Journal listened in.
Star Wars George Lucas (Part 1):
horoscope as personal mythology. By Glenn Perry
Astrology for teachers:
Jupiter-Saturn cycles tackle classroom upstarts. By Alex Trenoweth
Mercury Retrograde Shadow:
Jessica Adams shines a light on a much neglected phase
Bringing back the beard:
Blame Neptune in Pisces for facial fur, says (bearded) Tim Heyer
The Moorgate Crash:
Jonathon Clark (with help from William Lilly) seeks answers
Working with the planets:
Roy Gillett on trines, the Tunisia massacre and other tragic events
Astrology can help build winning football teams. Alan Ayre shows us how
Single women:
Gun Hansson’s new research into chart signatures of unmarried females
Molly Parkin, Madame Arcati and me:
Victor Olliver on a very Uranian menage trois
Cycles of history: Anton D’Abreu puts his case for mundane (or what he calls ‘collective’) astrology
Data News: Frank C. Clifford shows us his astro-snap of comic Paul Merton
Crossword: Pam Crane’s devilishly clever puzzle – are you smart enough?
Letters: Nicholas Kollerstrom on the Astrological Lodge of London’s centenary; In the astro news: ‘New’ Pluto is the headline act
Not the astrology column: Anne Whitaker’s journey from Marxism to astrology Solarscope: The total lunar eclipse of September 28 – and you
Books: Sue Lewis’ Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism and the Transpersonal
The sky – day and night: Sarah Cochrane’s transits report for September-October 2015
Archives: John Addey’s birth data card for Toscanini
Astro-x-ray: Wendy Stacey


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